All of the defendants should get life sentences!

Excerpts from the Article:

A second man has pleaded guilty to charges tied to the kidnapping and murder of a Glasgow woman and the shooting of a 6-year-old boy in 2017.

Ryan Bacon, who rapped under the name Buck 50, is accused alongside five other men of taking part in a failed plot to assassinate a rival drug dealer when they shot then-6-year-old Jashown Banner after kidnapping and killing 28-year-old Keyonna Perkins.

Edson Bostic, Bacon’s attorney, said his client did not agree to testify against his codefendants. A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware declined to comment.

The murder of Perkins and shooting of Banner spawned two multi-defendant criminal prosecutions in recent years: the pending case against Bacon and his co-defendants in federal court as well as a drug racketeering case against others that already went to trial in state court.

Last year, Dontae Sykes, one of Bacon’s co-defendants, pleaded guilty to stalking and kidnapping charges in the federal case.

In 2019, Sykes detailed his part in the kidnapping and shooting as a witness in the associated drug racketeering case in state court. That trial accused a Wilmington drug dealer of funding a bounty on a rival drug dealer that ultimately led to Perkins’ murder.

Sykes testified that he and his friends were feuding with another Wilmington drug dealer over pornographic insults, a pistol-whipping and a stolen neck chain. He said a bounty was placed on their rival’s head. He described in detail how his co-defendants stalked the man using social media.

He said they kidnapped Perkins and used her phone to further stalk the man, shooting at him and missing as he walked along Route 896. Later, Skyes’ and Bacon’s co-defendants would botch another assassination attempt in Wilmington when they shot the 6-year-old, prosecutors said.

Sykes told that jury that he and Bacon took Perkins to Maryland. He said Bacon shot her. Federal authorities have not said who they believe the gunman was.

Bacon’s co-defendants, Michael D. Pritchett, Dion Oliver, Maurice Cooper and Teres Tinnin, are set to face trial in January. All face potential life sentences.

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