All private prison companies are cruel, inefficient, and ineffective, … in short, a disaster! … but CoreCivic is the worst! They should be denounced in every possible forum!

Excerpts from the Article:

The chamber’s board voted to drop the company after searing public comments at Tuesday night’s meeting. After facing a fierce backlash that was manifest in a heated public meeting Tuesday night, Nashville’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce has dropped private prison corporation CoreCivic from its membership.

The chamber’s board voted to return a $300 membership fee paid by the Nashville-based for-profit prison giant after weeks of standing by the controversial decision to accept them.

“The voices at our meeting last night were very clear,” the statement regarding CoreCivic reads. “Their membership was too much for many in our LGBT community. We heard those concerns and last night our board voted to remove CoreCivic as a member and return their $300 membership fee. While CoreCivic will not be a member of our organization, the reasons we originally accepted their application to join are still true. Every industry has members of the LGBT community who are employees. It’s part of our mission to advocate for them and educate employers on how to support the needs of our community. To both support those employees and to fulfill our mission, we have extended an offer to work with CoreCivic on those initiatives but not as a member.”

In the email to members, the board maintains that its initial acceptance of CoreCivic as a member “did not imply a tacit endorsement on how they handle all LGBT issues or condone all of their business practices.” But community members who attended the board’s Tuesday night meeting were insistent that, regardless of the board’s intention, that is precisely what they would be doing if they allowed the country’s most prominent private prison corporation to place an LGBT Chamber sticker on its doors.

Samantha Rae McAlpine reminded the boa.  Speakers talked passionately about the years of reports and testimony about poor conditions and abuse at CoreCivic prisons, as well as the company’s heavy involvement in detaining immigrants on behalf of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.rd about the attempted ICE arrest in Hermitage in July, when agents tried to coax a man and his son out of their car but were thwarted by neighbors and community members.

“Where do you think [they] were headed?” McAlpine said. “CoreCivic gets a quarter of their funding from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They operate a huge number of the facilities on the border where they are processing people and caging them like animals.”

Later, she added: “If you think there is any amount of engagement that will fundamentally change who they are, you are at best naive and at worst maliciously indifferent.”

“I wear this in memory of trans women that we lose, many of whom are lost in CoreCivic prisons,” she said. “Raped, degraded. It’s where they’ve had HIV. It’s where they’ve died alone, unloved. And I want each of you to look at it and then spit on it.”

The LGBT chamber now follows the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which received an unsolicited sponsorship payment from CoreCivic around the same time, but sent the money back.

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