My good friend is a relentless helper of the homeless, and this is one of his latest submissions which was recently published in Delaware newspapers.  Jimmy has helped thousands and thousands of folks who encountered misfortune.  We all should do our share.

Excerpts from the Article:

The smallest act of kindness could be the difference between a person being crushed or being able to push forward. Let me explain …

Being homeless and tired is kind of like weightlifting in a way. It is a heavy burden or weight to bear alone.

Have you ever seen the “two-finger” help in the weight room? You happen to walk by someone who is struggling to lift too much weight, but you just put two fingers under the weight and help the heavy lifter out of that tough, muscle-shaking moment by just adding a few fingers to help him out. They still are lifting most of the weight.

Plus, you being nearby gives them a boost of energy and confidence that they are not alone lifting this heavy weight of “homelessness,” which could mean sleep deprivation, loneliness, despair, desperation, unemployment, eviction, extreme heat, extreme cold, pain, hunger, dehydration, stress, rejection, stigma, rain, active addiction, depression, divorce, grief, fear, anxiety and/or panic.

Our local, grassroots program at The Shepherd’s Office in Georgetown helps to guide or navigate those who are addicted or homeless or jobless or hungry or lonely in our community. In many ways, we serve as a lighthouse in Georgetown for people who have lost their way in the dark storms of life.

We do a lot with free food and now provide over 700 delicious and healthy free meals every week. In fact, we have free lunches every Monday and Thursday, and free dinners Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We get lots of other things to help our guests move forward along their way of finding a better life of hope, sobriety and stability. We help people who are struggling with various problems related to coping with poverty, addiction, mental illnesses and other chronic health conditions. We help offenders who are released from the nearby prison. We call them our “returning citizens.” We are known as the “free bread people” on North Bedford Street in the big yellow house with the busy front porch in Georgetown. Every Friday night, we have a Bible study for the homeless, hungry or lonely from 6 to 7:30.

Melody Westphal, a friend and supporter of our ministry, writes in her own words: “Jim is working hard to make a difference in individual lives. He bridges the gap between the people who need help and the people who want to help. He gets right into that space and makes connections. If you are able, please consider sending a few bucks to The Shepherd’s Office. It is truly where Jesus gets down to business.”

We are located at 408 N. Bedford St. in Georgetown. Please visit us and follow us on Facebook at You can also call or text me at 302-858-8556.

Jim Martin
Director, The Shepherd’s Office

The Whole Story:

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