UPDATE: See https://delawarestatenews.net/opinion/letter-to-the-editor-everything-cant-be-undone/ = this Letter was published at the top of page A 5 of THE DELAWARE STATE NEWS of 10/3/19.  

Letter to the Editor or Commentary – NO, Everything Cannot be Undone! – 9/29/19

In bemoaning the efforts to rid America of its current president, one reader recently wrote:  “What will the Democratic Party do if Trump were to win in 2020? They are so determined to get this president out, they are tearing their own country apart to do it. I mean he’s only in office for four or eight years! They can undo everything they don’t like after that, can’t they?”

Sadly, the reader is either too zealous or does not know the depth of the damage being done by Trump. Here are just a few things which cannot be “undone”: 1. the deaths and injuries to immigrants (by neglect of serious medical needs and by deliberate cruelty by staff)  held in abhorrent “detention centers” … and similarly in private prisons, which Trump has reinstated, 2. the deaths and injuries to millions of Americans – men, women, and children  –  caused by Trump undoing numerous regulations, including environmental ones ( creating more poisoned air, land, and water) so his donors and others who own offending companies can make more money, 3. other deaths and injuries caused by Trump’s cruel, deliberate, and unneeded immigration policies, including families torn apart, jobs lost, and more, 4. the incalculable harm to the moral fiber of America, 5. the deaths of many – need I mention “El Paso” or the shooting of reporters in Maryland?! – caused by Trump’s prolific hate speech, 6. The harm to national security caused by Trump’s inaction – indeed, complicity – concerning foreign governments meddling in our elections, 7. The damage done to America internationally, with our allies and others rightly alarmed by such an unstable, ill-informed, volatile, president at the helm of our ship of state, 8. the profoundly disturbing undermining the rule of law with all of the administration’s crimes, lies, cover ups, and ignoring of lawful subpoenas,   … and the list goes on.

NO, everything cannot be undone; suggest that it can to the victims and the families of the dead and dying caused by the most widespread physical harm – #2 above – and see what reaction you get!

Trump must go, one way or the other.

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4067


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