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PRISON SAFETY – Open Letter to All Who Deny Prison Abuse Occurs – 4/28/17

I have been speaking out about prison abuse for five years now, ever since my release*, and the working title of my first book is “America’s Dirty Little Secret: Prison Abuse … The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth”.

With the recent tragic death of Mr. Floyd at JTVCC, I suggest it is time to change the conversation to “Prison Safety”. Nobody wants to see more dead prison officials, and all Americans should be concerned about prison safety. But how can we address Prison Safety while the entire D O C team is lying like hell to the public on a daily basis?! They say “Guards are not abusing inmates”. Well, that is propaganda – false information from government officials intended to mislead the public. That is a 16th century tool in a 21st century world, and it will not work. In this age of mass incarceration there are millions of Americans who know that such statements are false. Unfortunately, many are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation … including two prison guards who talk with me regularly.

Make no mistake about it: the death of Mr. Floyd was not caused by lack of staffing, low pay, poor training, or any other reasons set forth by prison officials. It was caused by inmates who “snapped” after being subjected to and witnessing the malicious and relentless abuses committed by prison staff. For five years I SAW this abuse. It is America’s unspoken crime wave! Nobody will endure it endlessly without eventually reacting in a violent way. Violence begets violence.

As I have written [read “Why only PROSECUTION and IMPRISONMENT Will Stop Prison Abuse! Demand It!! How to Avoid the Deaths of More Prison Guards!” At http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/prosecution-imprisonment-will-stop-prison-abuse-demand-avoid-deaths-prison-guards/ . Prison administration has been a big part of the problem, from the Commissioner on down. Carl “do nothing Danberg” was one such problem. He was well aware of many complaints of abuse and did nothing. I wrote to him myself.

There is complicity in silence.

Most prison employees want to do the right thing, but the many wrongdoers … Lieutenants, Captains, Wardens … have an inappropriate influence over what goes on. Those not active in the abuse know how well-organized and entrenched the corruption is, and they know that if they speak out they will not get promoted, and/or will not get any overtime pay assignments.

It is long past time for D O C to admit the problem, and for more D O C personnel to become whistle blowers, and speak out to aid in the prosecutions necessary to solve the problem and help to ensure prison safety. We need the U S Attorney and A G Matt Denn to prosecute criminals wearing D O C uniforms. We need a reporter or FBI agent in our prisons undercover [so the bad guys don’t know they are coming] for two or three months, and then emerge and tell prosecutors what they saw and heard!

Prison Safety requires telling the unpleasant truth.

Ken Abraham, Deputy Attorney General 1974-1979, founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice, Dover, DE 302-423-4067 
*I have nothing to hide. I lost everything to cocaine 10 years ago and stole money to buy more. It’s all on our website and in my book. When I saw what goes on in our prisons … THAT is what got me started on everything I do now.


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