No kidding!  NO jail or prison in America has reasonable medical care, which they legally are required to have 3 different ways!


Excerpts from the Article:

A Colorado Springs man filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Larimer County jail officials alleging he was injured by his cellmate and then denied appropriate medical care last year.

Dustin Napier filed a civil rights lawsuit in U.S. District Court in March. According to court documents, Napier found out he had a years-old warrant out for his arrest for a nonviolent offense during a firearms background check last spring. He was arrested and booked into the Larimer County Jail on March 12, 2020, in connection to a five-year-old misdemeanor case.

The lawsuit alleges two unnamed correctional officers failed to perform a threat assessment on Napier and his cellmate, which resulted in Napier being housed with a violent individual with an extensive criminal record, including several assaults. Court records show Napier’s cellmate has a criminal history including charges of kidnapping, felony and misdemeanor assault and theft.

Napier repeatedly asked to be moved to a different cell because he feared for his safety, according to the lawsuit. His cellmate allegedly “made comments and gestures that made Napier feel as if his life was in danger,” but jail staff ignored his requests, the lawsuit says.

Less than a week after Napier was booked into the jail, his cellmate “brutally attacked Mr. Napier, fracturing his jaw,” according to the lawsuit.

A correctional officer then took Napier to the hospital where a doctor said Napier needed a surgical consult within the following two days. The lawsuit claims that Armor Correctional Health Services — the medical care service provider for the jail — “had an obligation” to get Napier an off-site surgical consult, and/or begin the process to get Napier the recommended consult.

But instead, the jail’s medical staff “knowingly left Mr. Napier in his cell, bleeding from his mouth, in agony, unable to sleep and constantly drinking his own blood for four days,” according to court documents.

Napier wasn’t able to receive the recommended medical care until he posted his bond days later, according to the lawsuit.

Jails have a duty to provide inmates necessary medical care, and the Larimer County Jail and Armor medical services failed to fulfill that duty, facing pressure to lower off-site medical costs for the jail, according to the suit.

The lawsuit was filed against the Larimer County Board of Commissioners, Sheriff Justin Smith, Capt. Timothy Palmer, two unnamed corrections officers, another corrections officer, Armor health services and four of its employees.

The lawsuit claims Napier’s 8th and 14th Amendment rights were violated and alleges the named defendants failed to provide him medical care and failed to adequately monitor the inmates.

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