My Latest Letter to the Editor:


My Latest Letter to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Solve the Problem? Admit it Exists! 2/15/17

I read with interest the recent article about inmates assaulting guards at Vaughn prison. [“2 prison officers assaulted – Union says state’s agreement with ACLU makes it harder for officers to main tain order,” Feb. 9] .You will never solve the problem if you pretend that it does not exist, as Mr. Geoff Klopp and other officials do!
The comments by the head of the guard’s union, Mr. Geoff Klopp, are grossly false and inaccurate. He seeks to blame everyone except those who are at the core of the problem: prison officials who abuse inmates and those who allow the abuses to continue unabated!
Discussing the conditions of the mentally ill, the union leadership described inmates and their mental health professionals as now “controlling” prison facilities due to an earlier agreement between state officials and civil liberties advocates. Such statements are utterly false, and those familiar with the operation of the prison know full well they are false!
When he spreads lies, Mr. Klopp does no service to the hundreds of men and women whom he claims to represent: those who do their thankless jobs properly. From his past remarks and these recent statements it is clear to me that he does not see that the truth matters. He has one focus: He is hell-bent on distorting the facts and trying to get more money for his union members. Are prison guards underpaid for the work they do? Yes. Will more money solve the problems, as Klopp suggests. Absolutely not!
Those who serve as corrections officers have a largely boring, but sometimes challenging, job. The ones who try to do their jobs properly are impeded by all of the corruption and cover-up entrenched in the “bad actors” among the staff. It does no good to muddy the waters with outrageous remarks like those of Mr. Klopp. A real understanding of the issues is needed, not more lies.

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice, Dover, DE 19901




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