What is the goal? The goal is to free the innocent person our Fu@#$%& up criminal justice system has imprisoned! It can take 2 to 20 years (or more) to prove innocence in a court after a wrongful conviction. Therefore, get the prisoner out first, and then litigate innocence. Note, this cannot be done in Delaware, California, or Colorado, [an asinine rule] because you cannot apply for clemency/commutation while having any litigation pending attacking your conviction.

Check eligibility in the state where the person is imprisoned; it varies from state to state. And if not eligible, sue the Governor and others [Board members], arguing that their system is unconstitutional because it precludes the actually innocent. Due Process.

Here is a perfect example of why I wrote this! 

Louisiana Man Exonerated By DNA Evidence After Serving Nearly 38 Years – So sad to say, we shall see these for years! kra


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