My good friend, Kim Warfield, is spot on in recognizing that NOW is the time to give this another shot.

Excerpts from the Article:

Seeking to better unite the community and area law enforcement, Kent County Deputy Sheriff Kim Warfield aims to revive the Delaware Law Enforcement for Christ organization.

While the group, founded three years ago, eventually included eight to 10 active members, Ms. Warfield said attendance eventually dwindled to the point of dormancy.

With currently heavy societal unrest involving police and the public, however, Ms. Warfield said she hopes a rebirth will create more common ground and harmony within the community.

“There’s not a lot of trust of law enforcement right now, but while there are a few bad officers, there are far, far more out there that are good,” she said.

Thus, Ms. Warfield, a retired New York City police detective, is asking for Christian law enforcement officers, retired officers and their spouses to join Delaware Law Enforcement for Christ (DLEC) to provide “outreach for the community, education, mentorships, suicide prevention, prayer visuals and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community, especially at a time such as this.”

The idea to restart came after Ms. Warfield was questioned by a member of the nondenominational New Beginnings House of Worship, where she is an overseer and Apostolic pastor.

“When thinking and talking about it, I realized there was no better time than now to get going again,” said Dr. Warfield, who attended Harvard Divinity School, has a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, a Master’s of Theological Studies from Palmer Theological Seminary and a PhD in Christian Counseling and Christian Education from Faithway Bible College.

Since then, past DLEC board members have pledged to rejoin the cause, Ms. Warfield said. The group is seeking for the community to buy into the quest for greater unity as well.

“We’re all God-loving, God-fearing people and at the same time God expects us to love one another,” she said. “As Christians we need to come together and forget the divisions pulling us apart and focus on the loving spirit that should unify us all.

“It’s not going to be easy, I know that, but there has to be a way to join and show love for one another as a community and end the division (between police and the public) that’s at a level I’ve never seen before.”

More information is available on the DLEC Facebook page. Anyone interested can contact Ms. Warfield at 399-7557 or

The group was initially founded in January 2017 with a mission statement of being “here to help Delaware Law Enforcement Officers who deal with stress on the job and to help them cope through having a relationship with Christ.”

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Kent deputy sheriff aims to restart Delaware Law Enforcement for Christ