What a coincidence! Just 2 days ago, before seeing this article, I was discussing this problem with the Mom of an inmate!

Why have I included this article? Because it describes the plight of many, many more than are reported.  Our prisons are so abysmal and abominable that I have seen inmates commit suicide  … and many more do than ever are reported. As I and others have pointed out, prison officials often lie about “cause of death”  … under reporting suicides and homicides … to conceal their wrongdoing.

As we see from this article, reentry help and mental health counseling are so lacking that some prefer to go back to prison, and cannot function in society. Nobody knows the number of “Mark Wilson”s out there, but based on my vast experience, I am sure it is more than 1,000.

Excerpts from the Article:

A man who said he committed a crime so he could return to a Michigan prison apparently killed himself in a 40-foot plunge, officials said. Mark Wilson, 59, died Wednesday at Egeler Reception & Guidance Center, where inmates typically are housed before getting a prison assignment, Corrections Department spokeswoman Holly Kramer said.

In December, Wilson, who last lived in the Kalamazoo area, was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for armed robbery, a punishment that was enhanced because of past convictions.

Wilson last summer gave a note to a Hardee’s employee in Escanaba, indicating that he was robbing the restaurant. Police said he stayed in the restroom until officers arrived. No one was hurt. “Somewhere along the road, your honor, I just seemed to have lost the ability to function normally with society,” Wilson told a Delta County judge, explaining why he wanted to return to prison.

He was last released from prison in 2012.

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