This is what I wanted to post online, but it was too long, so I did it this way.

Hi, internet friends. I had an awful nightmare, related to my prison experience. First one in a long time.

It reminded me of the first “speech” I ever gave, in public speaking class at prep school, 9th grade. I chose to talk about dreams. So I did some research and away I went! All I recall from that is that I did ok, dreams are meaningless, something about rem (rapid eye movement), dogs cannot dream in color, we remember very few of our dreams, and …. I think it is true to this day …it is, I just googled it … “The questions, “Why do we dream?” or “What is the function of dreaming?” are easy to ask but very difficult to answer. The most honest answer is that we do not yet know the function or functions of dreaming.” … but scientists think it has something to do with how our brains process the day’s experiences.

These days I only dream of marrying Tammie Caldwell. She’ll get a chuckle out of that. 🙂   lol

I have given may talks since then, but the ones I most enjoyed were to an audience of 12. Juries. Whether asking them to convict the bad guy or to acquit my client, often “the bad guy”, it was tons of fun. TONS of fun. Probably because I was doing the right thing, and probably because I was a bit of a show off when I was young.   🙁

This leads me to the old “cocktail party question”: “how can you represent a guilty person?” Easy: the system demands, requires, that everyone have a good defense attorney. And I firmly believed that … still do. “Would you represent Hitler?” I used to answer yes, when I was younger … yes, because the system blah, blah , blah.  Today I would say “sheeeeit, NO! Let him get somebody else.”  There was one case when I chose not to represent a guilty person. Judge Trader called to appoint me to a murder case. The defendant had raped and beat the hell out of a young lady, and then, to make sure she was dead, he ran over her head with his truck. I told Judge Trader that I was super busy and could he please call someone else on this one. He said ok.  By the way, although we did not always agree, Judge Merrill Trader, the longest sitting judge in DE history, was a great judge: always fair!  Wish I could say that for all of them.   🙁

You know, that 9th grade class may have been an audience of 12. None of the classes was more than 15 to 18 of us; it is one thing that made it a great school.  Which reminds me now that the best thing my parents ever gave me, at great sacrifice, was a super education!

That’s my rambling for the morning. Must shower now, down some more coffee, get ready for church, and my appointment right after that.

ps: It’s a Sunday. Why not use a wee bit of your time to take some food to the homeless people in your area!?   You know where they are .. under that bridge … the people you drive by regularly.  🙂

Gonna be a rough day; I am behind on some work, and a guy I spent a couple of hours with yesterday is on his way over now. He is at the shelter and is a total wreck. One of those cases where his wife made up some lies after an argument, got a pfa from F Court, and now he is out, cannot see his two young daughters, etc. Plus, he is disabled, had MH issues, has an anger problem and is an alcoholic.  “Thank you, God, for preparing me to help this guy”!

Carpe Diem!