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A jail supervisor lost his job after he used “unjustified and excessive force” on an inmate.

On Aug. 24, Cherokee County Detention Center Administrator T.J. Girdner requested an investigation into allegations of an officer who assaulted an inmate. Sheriff Jason Chennault confirmed he met with Girdner and was given copies of jail incident reports about the alleged assault.

Two jail officers said they were attempting to remove Jory Poafpybitty from his cell for fingerprinting on Aug. 22. The jailers said Poafpybitty wasn’t being compliant because he wanted to clothe himself in standard jail uniform, and not the suicide prevention smock. “[The two jail officers] requested assistance from their supervisor, Dustin Waddell, who came to Poafpybitty’s cell and began to taunt Poafpybitty,” Chennault said in his report.

Waddell allegedly made the inmate wrap himself in a blanket, and walked him to a room that wasn’t equipped with surveillance cameras.

“[The two jail officers] reported Waddell attacked Poafpybitty by repeatedly punching Poafpybitty with a closed fist,” Chennault said. “[The two jail officers] intervened in Waddell’s assault and battery of Poafpybitty and placed Poafpybitty in a restraint chair.”

The officers said Waddell told the on-duty detention officer to have no contact with the inmate. However, Officer Jamie Brixey — a certified emergency medical technician — apparently ignored that order and tended to the injured inmate.

Poafpybitty was ultimately transferred to the Adair County Detention Center, where Girdner and Chennault interviewed him. Poafpybitty said Waddell had punched him several times with a closed fist and asked him if he “wanted some more.” He told Chennault and Girdner he didn’t fight back, and had to cover his face and head with his arms to shield himself from the officer’s punches.

Poafpybitty was taken to W.W. Hastings Hospital, where medical personnel determined he had a fractured wrist.

Girdner scheduled an interview with Waddell at CCDC for Aug. 26. Chennault said Waddell didn’t show up for the interview and wouldn’t answer his cell phone when Girdner tried to contact him.

On Sept. 1, Girdner and CCDC Assistant Jail Administrator Johnny Dallis terminated Waddell’s employment.

Chennault said he has requested a warrant for Waddell’s arrest.

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