Here are a few simple FACTS – what they did to me (It is not about what they did to me; my experience is the tip of the iceberg of what they do to helpless others over and over and over again – THAT is the problem!)

  1. Threw me to the asphalt while cuffed and shackled and kicked me 4 or 5 times, for NO reason.
  2. When I complained, sued, tried to get the *%*! guards arrested………….
  3. Unlawfully and criminally kept me imprisoned for 1,510 extra days (should not have been in prison at all** – this is called criminal unlawful retaliation), in an ISOLATION CELL, a cell they hoped would shut me up.**
  4. For the specific purpose of “shutting me up” and keeping me imprisoned for 5 years: Concocted a wildly absurd and 100% (not 98%, not 99%%, but 100%) FALSE charge of “assault on staff”….Dear God, PLEASE let me get them in a courtroom on that one, where I know how to make it plain to all in that courtroom they are lying like crazy!!! There is a place and a process designed to elicit the truth – the place is a courtroom and the process is a trial, and I know from having won over 400 jury trials that it works very well. I wrote to the AG AND to the head of the State Police ASKING to be arrested and charged with a crime concerning this( because I knew it was the quickest way to expose their lies in court)….no such luck; totally ignored!!!
  5. Their remarks!!! =a) Disdain for the law ,b)recognition that they could get away with it. Brother, in this instance, I hope NOT!
  6. The aforementioned cell was an isolation cell. They kept me in isolation for most of those 1,510 days, to try to intimidate me, to try to shut me up. Even when I was classified by DOC’s own “classification committee” AND Court Ordered to get out of isolation, the warden, Perry Phelps, did and arbitrary “override” to keep me there one more year..because he knew what I was up to, trying to let people in authority know what really goes on in HIS prison. When I asked a member of the classification committee why the warden did that, she said “because he can.”  Too pathetically true. YOU ask the man why he did that! You’ll never get an answer or you’ll get MORE lies. I’d LOVE to ask him on the witness stand, but I’ll never get the chance because one of our “esteemed” Federal judges, who has her head DEEP DEEP DEEP in the sand concerning prison problems, wrongly threw out my case! You ask any lawyer who has read it whether she “wrongly” did that!
  7. Later, the same ones who made up the false “assault” charge, who were now defendants in my Federal civil case!, entered my cell, spent more than an hour reading trough my papers,  and stole my only copies of legal papers, all stamps and writing instruments, witness names, and much much more, all detailed in futile grievances. It is beyond bizarre…..and it is outrageous.
  8. Did MUCH more unlawful retaliation ( theft of property, extreme harassment, thrown in “HOLE” for 17 days for NO reason – not even false reports this time!) to me for exercising my rights and trying to get the truth out. Ask me, I’ll be glad to elaborate. ALL of this is detailed in my grievances and lawsuits (wherein, I am sorry, my handwriting is frightfully awful). Lawsuits were necessary because there is NO other recourse; in my 65 years, despite some serious business disputes, I never sued anyone on my own behalf. Until Delaware D.O.C.

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some of what I wrote:

I can convince a jury of all of this, and much more, because it is true. Charlie Oberly – U S Attorney – , where ARE you?

No, I don’t think it’s about not liking the food.

. “Prisoners are persons whom most of us would rather not think about. Banished from everyday sight, they exist in a shadow world, that only dimly enters our awareness…….When prisoners emerge from the shadows to press a Constitutional claim; they invoke no alien set of principles drawn from a distant culture. Rather, they speak the charter upon which all of us rely to hold official power accountable. They ask us to acknowledge that power exercised in the shadows (I add: against virtually helpless individuals!) must be restrained at least as diligently as power that acts in the sunlight “ Olene v, Estate of Shabazz, 482 US 342,354-355, 107 S. CT. 2400, 96 L.Ed. 282 (1987)

Indeed, the problem is: NO accountability. KRA   An FBI investigation is NEEDED!

** This was – is – a federal crime! See 18 USCA Sections 242 a d 242!

**These malicious C Os saw on their computer that my sentence was “5 years suspended upon completion of the program” … and the program was less than a year. I was in the program, doing fine (had been asked to teach the “anger management” class!), and would have been out in less than a year. So they knew if they could get me out of the program with a “false write-up”, I would do five years. And that’s what they did.

This widespread practice of retaliating against inmates who exercise their rights is a Federal crime: see 18 USCA Sec. 241 and 242 – the same laws the feds used to prosecute the cops who beat Rodney King.

Update: 10/4/17 The asshole guards knew what I did not know at the time – I soon found out – most judges do not even read suits filed by inmates [they never see them! READ   An Exit Interview With Richard Posner, Judicial Provocateur – A great judge leaves the Bench. Judges Do NOT Even Read Cases Filed by Inmates! . kra    Since seeing this article I tracked down Judge Posner and I am thrilled to say that I have gotten his attention about prison abuse. I have his personal email address and we are communicating! 🙂 🙂 ] and the ones who do will ignore the law and misstate the facts to “make them go away”. They do not want to admit that our prisons are cesspools of crimes committed by people in uniform, government agencies run amok! kra