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Want to see what a REAL investigation looks like? Watch the Watergate hearings!

I graduated from law school in the spring of 1973. The bar exam was in August. Had to pass that Bar Exam! But, I had a real dilemma! The Senate Watergate hearings were broadcast – all day long, every day, for weeks – on TV! Well, I chose to watch those hearings, and it was wonderful. Just wonderful watching “old” Senaator Sam Ervin use his lawyering skills (cross-examination!) to destroy the testimony of some of the nation’s most powerful people – Atty. Gen. John Mitchell, Chief of Staff to the President, John Haldeman, counsel and Assistant to the President, John Erlichman, and more. I mean, he kicked their lying butts!

While listening to/watching the hearings, I studied my books and my class notes. At commercials I made tape recordings of my notes. Had to pass that Bar Exam! Played those tape recordings in my sleep!

What an invaluable experience it was, watching those hearings. I learned in an indelible way, a) that nobody is above the law, and b) with preparation and a sharp mind you can rip to shreds the testimony of lying witnesses – which I went on to do thousands of times!, and c) the authors of the Constitution were absolute geniuses, for that document, and the enforcement of it (separation of powers) PRODUCED JUSTICE.

Somehow I did pass the Bar Exam, and when I opened my private office, (after clerking for the Supreme Court and 5 years as a prosecutor) I sent to Senator Sam Ervin a paperback copy of the U S Constitution, and asked him to autograph it. He did, returning it with a nice note. I kept that autographed copy of the Constitution, framed, proudly displayed with my diplomas. Had it for years, but it was part of everything I lost when imprisoned. Senator Sam Ervin – A Great American, my hero!


Watch all of it! Really great stuff!

It was a monumental moment in the history of America


Essay essay on the Separation of Powers

It was the summer of 1973, and I was studying for the bar exam. HOWEVER, I spent every minute of the day time glued to the TV, watching the Senate Watergate Hearings. (google them!  ) It was wonderful… a fantastic education.

As the truth unfolded, the entire proceeding demonstrated the genius of our founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution creating three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial – and protecting the separation of powers.

As things heated up, and it became clear that Nixon and other of the highest government officials in the executive branch were lying like hell to try to cover up their wrongdoing, Nixon fired the special prosecutor. He fired the head of the FBI. He fired the Attorney General. BUT he could not fire federal district court judge John Sirica!

It was judge Sirica who ordered Nixon to turn over the Watergate tapes, wherein the truth resided. Nixon was done – he was “toast”! The highest authority in the land, the court, had spoken, and could have sent federal troops into the White House seize those tapes if need be. Boy, it was a great education on the separation of the genius of the Constitution!
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