As many of you know, I have SEEN many atrocities like those described here. And seeing them got me started on my mission of the past 14 years: “Raising as much Hell about the justice system as legally possible and helping individuals harmed by it”!

As I say:

Excerpts from the Article:

This was David Stojcevski. He was arrested and put in jail for failing to pay a $772 traffic violation: 

After 17 days he died 50 pounds lighter, dehydrated and naked. (For some, here comes the “he deserved it”) He was going through drug withdrawal. In the last 17 days of his life he was denied clothing, he had seizures, convulsed, and died. He died an excruciating death, and it was all captured on video. Instead of providing medical help the guards just watched him die.

The level of care and professionalism in US prisons and jails is dubious.  Prison guards fired over group photo of Nazi salute. With people like this in charge, how can anybody wonder how a traffic ticket can lead to the death of the person arrested?

Her alleged suicide is as believable as Jeffrey Epstein’s “Suicide”. Death of Sandra Bland – Wikipedia:

Yes, the prison system is barbaric. Prisoners literally are in bondage. While I believe in punishment, prison is supposed to be about “corrections” as in “Department of Corrections”. Prisons and jails feed crime- this is great for busine$$. People go in, and if they come out, they’re frequently worse off than before.

The Whole Story: