Our friend, Greg Williams, Ph.D., called to my attention this article he had written. It is excellent in plainly explaining the situation about claims of voter fraud. Mr. Williams is quite right to call out officials who propagate this false myth of widespread voter fraud!

Excerpts from the Article:

My 2019 Ph.D. dissertation–How Can Truth-Claims of Voter Fraud Influence Public Policy? A Political Discourse Analysis–(attached to my LinkedIn profile) investigated how former Kansas Secretary of State and de facto leader of President Trump’s now-defunct “voter-fraud commission” Kris Kobach exploited false truth-claims to legislate bad policy into law. My dissertation’s external examiner, Lorraine Minnite (2010), of Rutgers University, wrote The Myth of Voter Fraud and served justice as an expert witness against Kobach in Fish v. Kobach (2016). Although I am unaware of any scholar of election issues arguing that conventional voter fraud is historically non-existent, the empirical evidence overwhelmingly shows that it is neither widespread nor systemic.

Analyzing Kobach’s Kansas Case

My five primary findings revealed how voter-ID proponents bolster their claims:

arguing that their opponents willfully undermine democracy with voter fraud;
fostering solidarity, dividing “Us” from the fraudulent voting “Others”;
cultivating racism;
manipulating legislators with urgent warnings; and
buttressing their arguments with anecdotes, biased sources, and demonstrable lies. (If I had not been bound by distinct academic principles, I might have substituted “biased” sources with “racist” sources.)

Vast empirical evidence supports my arguments (including the parenthetical one). A Current Government Job Description for “Analyzing Voter Fraud”!—Seriously? Remarkably, I found a real–albeit incredulous–job description for a volunteer “Voter Fraud Analyst” (click https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1459963889/). A Colorado District Attorney’s (DA’s) Office is currently, brazenly advertising for the need to uncover voter fraud! I can think of a few possible jokes or statements about the irony of this job description, but I will leave that for others in the comment section. My concern centers on the seriousness of a Government Office of Law misleading the public with such nonsense that potentially would disenfranchise eligible voters.

Partisan Strategy: After Barack Obama was elected U.S. President, voter-suppression advocates intensified their nationwide efforts to suppress specific groups of voters. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) illustrates the impact of Colorado’s (and other states’) efforts.

By discouraging or preventing specific groups of people from voting, voter suppression is a strategy that some use to influence election outcomes.

Knight, K. (2018, Nov. 6). Retrieved from http://www.kchronicles.com/comic/voter-suppression-bingo/
Happening Right Now: A Government Law Office Weaponizing a Lie

Daniel Levitin, a McGill University neuroscientist, researches pattern processing in the brain. In Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-Truth Era, he (2017) explains the danger that such public influence peddlers of falsehoods pose. Hence, a Colorado DA’s Office is weaponizing a lie. One encouraging point: after more than four months of that job posting, the position is evidently still unfilled. Therefore, credible candidates must see this DA-Office job opportunity for what it truly is—THE REAL VOTER FRAUD!

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS ARTICLE? Everyone knows someone who potentially could be a victim of voter suppression—but by a Government Attorney’s Office?!?! PLEASE SHARE YOUR COMMENTS. Our democracy depends on it!!

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