The same inhumane conditions exist in most of America’s prisons. READ the many related articles here under “prison abuse”!  Below are some of the most common problems, which occur all over the country because nobody holds prison officials ACCOUNTABLE!


He and 18 other men shared a single toilet for the first month, the suit says.

When Martin did shower, the shower was riddled with insects and the curtain was covered in mold and soap scum, the suit says.

Varner said he has spotted mice near food in the jail’s kitchen, and said the trays smell of mildew and he has not seen a new tray in the jail.

The jail only allows inmates to visit with their attorneys for 30 minutes, which denied Scruggs enough time to properly review evidence to assist in his defense, the suit claims.

Scruggs also accused special response team officers of intimidation during raids and weekly “shakedowns”.

Like the other men, Varner has been in a one-man pod with another inmate, the suit says. He has slept on the floor every night since his arrest, the lawsuit said.

The toilet in Varner’s cell was broken for three weeks and, when the jail staff didn’t fix it, a corrections officer told Varner to put a bag in the bowl to collect his waste, the suit said. Their cell smelled of urine and excrement, the suit said.

Two women who are among the plaintiffs claim in the lawsuit they were only given two sanitary pads at a time and the jail refused their requests for more, leaving many women to use washcloths and toilet paper in place of sanitary pads.

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Excerpts from the Article:

The seven inmates named as plaintiffs in Thursday’s lawsuit over inhumane conditions at the Cuyahoga County Jail say many issues the county claims to have fixed in the wake of a blistering report by the U.S. Marshal’s office have permeated at the jail as recently as this week. The 52-page report released last month documented what the report called “inhumane” conditions at the overcrowded jail. The lawsuit insists that jail officials routinely violated the constitutional rights of inmates.

The county says it bought more than 1,000 food trays to replace old trays that the marshals said were smelly and oozed dirty, moldy water, and that shower curtains have been placed to all showers that inmates use. But the lawsuit, filed by lawyers at the Friedman & Gilbert law firm in U.S. District Court in Cleveland Thursday, contains anecdotes from inmates who say the trays still smell of mildew and moldy shower curtains have yet to be replaced.

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