Ken’s Comments:


At least some judges are not carried away with “sex offender hysteria”! 


Excerpts from the Article:


The Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled that three convicted Boone County sex offenders can resume attending church services, even if children are present. The decision comes after a long legal battle stemming from 2015 when the Boone County Sheriff’s Office sent letters to registered sex offenders saying they could not attend churches that have Sunday schools or offer child care services.

The move came after lawmakers passed a statute that bans “serious sex offenders” from access to school property, i.e. a “federal, state, local, or nonprofit program or service operated to serve, assist, or otherwise benefit children who are at least three (3) years of age and not yet enrolled in kindergarten.”

In its decision, the court ruled:

“In sum, appellants’ churches are not ‘school property’ and they do not become ‘school property’ by virtue of conducting Sunday school or offering child care services for children who are three years old but not yet enrolled in kindergarten.” ACLU of Indiana’s legal directory called the letters sent by Boone County an “erroneous interpretation of the statute.”

“If we’re going to allow anyone who’s previously been incarcerated to live their life, and to expect that they’re going to reintegrate into society as a free person, they have to be treated as a free person,” he said.



Indiana appeals court rules sex offenders can attend church with children present