I received the message below from our friend, Tim Schaefer. He can be reached at tim@asystemarchitect.com. He connected with me on LinkedIn.

Ken, I am interested in 2019 getting involved in rehabilitation of formerly incarcerated people, to provide low/no-cost training in technology. If you know of anyone who is looking for a tech trainer let me know. My only requirement would be that they would have to cover my expenses, I’ll provide the training as a service to those that need it. I’m in the south Denver area, and want to start getting involved in post-prison training/career-rehab. Let me know if you hear from anyone needing tech training, I’ll give more info when they contact me.

I’m working full-time, so I have to juggle this in as outside my normal work, or they bring me into a paid/cover thing.

Thanks, Tim! We need more Tim Schaefers in this world. kra