As usual, “follow the money”. It sure won’t happen in my lifetime, but because the Supreme Court did not understand the words : “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” the only solution is to ELIMINATE the 2d Amendment!  That day just may come. We can be sure that the youth mobilized by so many school shootings will be out in force in 2020.


Excerpts from the Article:

Weeks after Delaware’s Democrat-controlled legislature opted not to vote on three gun control bills, many are still left wondering what happened.

Senate leadership, in defending their decision, has repeatedly cited a lack of support among Democrats. Some have said that the bills need to be amended before they are given a chance to become law.

But outside Dover, it’s a different story. Many pro-gun residents credit the decision to a multi-pronged attack from gun owners, gun businesses and union members.

It included a growing guns rights group on Facebook flexing its muscles, gun business owners getting more involved, and pro-gun union members threatening to pull campaign dollars from legislators who supported the bills, according to some gun rights advocates and union leaders.

“The union pressure is what finally sealed the deal,” said Mitch Denham, leader of the 20,000-strong Facebook group Delaware Gun Rights. “When you’re trying to get elected, it costs money to get elected. The person that writes the check, you kind of have to take care of sometimes.”

James Maravelias, president of the Delaware Building Construction Trades Council and head of the state AFL-CIO, witnessed the shift in his own ranks. He worries that union members will resist putting money toward upcoming campaigns for certain Democrats following the gun control debacle. Maravelias said he also fears his members will begin siding with Republican candidates in an effort to protect gun rights, even though the GOP is perceived as less friendly to labor.

“We side with the Democratic Party until our union membership says, ‘I don’t want that guy, I want the other guy,'” Maravelias said. “That’s what we’re facing right now.”

“It’s going to be a mess … if these things don’t just go away,” he added.

They probably won’t.

Gun control has been one of the most contentious topics in Dover, where the three gun control measures — a proposed assault weapons ban, high-capacity magazine ban and permit-to-purchase mandate — were expected to have a relatively smooth journey to becoming law.

Many gun owners and gun rights advocates credit the bills’ fate to several groups working in concert. “It just snowballed,” said Denham. “And it worked really, really well.”

The mobilization this year was partly a reaction to new bills, which were introduced on top of those that failed last session and were reintroduced. For many gun rights supporters, it seemed like evidence of a long-feared slippery slope that would lead to unconstitutionally strict gun control laws.

At the same time, many firearms dealers felt their business was increasingly threatened.

“One of the problems that gun activism has always had is that gun stores have been non-participatory in the past,” Denham said. “Now, they’re starting to participate.”

This year, that included white cards that were distributed at gun shops across Delaware. One was directed at any resident, and one was specifically directed at union members. The union one, printed in red on white, said, “As a member of local Union (fill in the blank), I will NOT vote for you, if you vote in favor of any of these 3 bills SB68 SB69 SB70.” It was in reference to the three gun control bills. “They had 5,000 cards printed up, and they were out of them in the first couple days,” said Denham. He and others advertised on social media about where to sign the cards.

Some gun shop owners, who know many of their customers to be union members, said that customers were enthusiastic about signing the cards. “I was surprised,” said Jim Beatty, whose gun shop in Bridgeville was one of the venues to hand out the cards. Normally, he said, people are hesitant to sign anything. “But we couldn’t even get them fast enough for people to sign them.”

Signatures weren’t the only ammo. The attack was also built around a tsunami of emails, letters and phone calls. Senate Majority Leader Nicole Poore, D-New Castle, who sits on the committee that stalled the three bills, said she knew about the cards but did not receive any after they were signed.

While labor unions push a jobs-focused agenda, the gun bills have started to take over the dialogue among their members, according to Maravelias. He said that union leaders need to pay more attention to their members who have shown an increased focus on gun control measures instead of labor issues.

“Most of the complaints are why we’re not getting involved,” Maravelias said. “I don’t know how we’re going to address it.”

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