Updated 1/30/20 – READ How Finland starts its fight against fake news in primary schools 



Commentary or Letter to the Editor – THE Big Issue in 2020! 12/27/19 – sent again on 1/28/20

The advent of the IRS Criminal Investigations Division was a good idea.

Establishing the FBI was a good idea.

But now it is time for THE UNITED STATES TRUTH POLICE!

Yes, a federal agency tasked with monitoring every individual, media (can you say “Fox News”), corporation, organization or group for untruths or lies. Empowered to fine and/or imprison any violator for “speaking, uttering, broadcasting, or publishing any patently, clearly demonstrably false information”!

If it takes a new Amendment to modify the First Amendment, so be it!

The liars are so diabolical and so out of control that this measure is needed for the good of our nation.

I am compelled to write about what I see as THE big issue going into 2020: What the dickens is the TRUTH?!

Oh, I usually know a false statement when I see it, but with so much misinformation, so many lies, – with Trump at the forefront of the problem – online, from the government (Trump), on the airwaves (can you say “Fox News” and “Rush Limbaugh”?) … here, there, and everywhere [soon to be complicated with software to put words into someone’s mouth on film – things they never said – so well done that you cannot see that it is fake!] … that it is hard to determine the truth, the big issue is WHAT MUST WE DO TO SAVE THE TRUTH?

I am serious when I say it is time to even change our Constitution , very carefully (i.e. making sure that opinions clearly identified as opinions are excluded from regulation), and time for THE TRUTH POLICE!

This will also be a huge boon to the economy! The litigation will be through the roof! Think if it!

Thousands of lawyers and politicians will be fined or imprisoned! Bail bondsmen will thrive.

All manner of fact checking and “truth verification” companies will blossom. The industry leader may eclipse Google, Amazon, and Apple in its size and influence! Stock in polygraph machine manufacturers will soar, and new lie detector devices will fly off the shelves.

No more impeachment proceedings! Any state in which Trump opens his mouth can arrest and jail him; huge problem solved!

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dove, DE, 302-423-4067


I just saw this chart. It’s pretty good.  2/7/20


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