Every day I help folks all over the country, so if you have a question/problem concerning the criminal justice system, CALL me at 302-423-4067!  I specialize in Applications for Pardons and in Applications for Clemency/Commutation, and I have had great success with both all over the country!  🙂                     


11/18/17 I have been able to help at least 1,500 people since that last update! And we shall be helping many many more! 


I awoke to see this email:


Mr. Abraham, I just can’t thank you enough for getting me my Pardon! Yesterday I emailed a copy of it to everyone I know, telling them what a great job you did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so glad I hired you, even though my wife had doubts because the price you gave us was so much lower than a couple of other lawyers we talked to. Money well spent, to say the least.

It has been 16 years, and now, thanks to you, I can move on with my life. Thanks again.

This week I’ll send you the information you need to get my record expunged.

God Bless.



9/12/16 – THIS is why I get up in the morning – to see more comments like this one: “Remember me? I sure remember you! About 4 months ago you took nearly an hour to listen to me and to follow-up with an email with lots of good information. THANKS SO MUCH! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the time you took to help me and my family. The problem is solved!”



Frustrated by people with problems who fail to call me, I add this today, 12/27/15:

Let’s get something clear:

1. I am NOT too busy to take a call from someone who got screwed by the criminal justice system and needs help!! Never; you are not “bothering” me with such a call. If I can’t answer leave a message and I ALWAYS will get back to you soon – 24 hours at the most. 302-423-4067.  So CALL me now if you need to!

2. Too  many of you do not read my website or my postings. I think many of you do not know the breadth and depth of my experience! YOU SHOULD KNOW that I am an experienced trial lawyer with over 700 trials under my belt (lost 2). Dang, I HATE to “toot my own horn” but I kicked ass and still do, when necessary! 🙂  Beyond that, I have read tens of thousands – yes, tens of thousands – of cases, treatises, and articles on virtually every conceivable issueand spoken to thousands of people over the past 11 years (5 in prison, 6 since my release – inmates, their friends and family, lawyers etc.) …  you should call me about issues concerning civil rights, prison issues, criminal law, out of control cops, judges, prison guards or other government officials, officials and judges with their heads in the sand … ANYTHING! For the past 5 years I have received hundreds of articles about prisons/criminal justice every month! As posted in What they did to Me, I spent four years (1,510 days in that isolation cell)  – that is one year more than all of law school – , for 16 hours every day, from before the sun rose until after sunset, talking with inmates, reading all their, and their lawyers’,  legal bullshit, and reading all the cases, treatises, etc. about these issues! I don’t know it all, but chances are remote that I have not heard your question 100 times before!! I DO know what I don’t know, and if I do not know the answer to your question I’ll say that … and we’ll find out the answer! 🙂  READ ALSO Prison Law Libraries – A TRAGEDY.


3. If I do not know the answer to your question I will TELL YOU. I may find out or point you to someone who does – it depends on the question, obviously.


All of you who know me know I hate to “toot my own horn”. I post this here to remind you that if you have a problem with the criminal justice system, you should call me. If I can help, I will, If I cannot, I shall tell you that!! 302-423-4067. I am “crazy busy”, but NOT too busy for your call. The best time is morning; I am working by 4 every day. I have been able to help folks who have been so frustrated … and talked to numerous other lawyers … “I’m just sayin’ ” …!


A few comments by others about me: (don’t worry – this stuff doesn’t go to my head! I’m just doin’ what I can to educate the public and to help those who have been harmed by our criminal justice system  🙂  ) 9/1/15



My name is Lyneen Smith. My fiance’ is serving time in A Connecticut State Prison. After experiencing MANY injustices through my state’s prison system, trying to find a person to help was extremely hard. I hit brick wall after brick wall. I finally found Kenneth Abraham. I honestly found a voice, a man who truly cares. This knowledgeable, caring and understanding man is someone who takes the time to hear exactly what is going on. He is non judgemental and very easy to talk to. He possesses a the knowledge and experience to give sound, realistic advice..he tells it like it is regardless if it is something you want to hear or not. He speaks the TRUTH. I came across his name by accident after spending countless hours searching for help. This wonderful man NEEDS to be known nationwide for those who have a loved one in Prison, or even facing prison time. His name should be in the handbooks of every single prison in America. He is OUR voice. He is the ONLY person who I have found that truly cares. He gets IT!! i cannot thank the good Lord enough for helping me find him. Any one who is facing time, doing time, done time and their loved ones should know of Kenneth Abraham. With his expertise in law, his in depth knowledge of the penal system and his vast knowledge of EXACTLY how broken our legal, as well as ALL prisons, are he is willing to guide/advise is invaluable! I urge anyone who is facing or is facing prison time(either themselves directly or indirectly) to have his name and number listed in your address book. Trust me, you will not regret speaking to him! I personally, in 1 single conversation, learned more (and advised)than over the past 18 months from a privately paid criminal defense attorney(this is without exaggeration). Thank you again Ken for the wealth of knowledge you gave me today. Speaking with you gave me hope, insight, peace of mind as well as the knowledge of what can/should be done. You gave me renewed strength, determination and above all else the drive/determination/mental strength to proceed in righting the wrongs my fiance(as well as I) have been dealing with for the past 18 months. There is hope now where I was losing all faith/hope of him/I finally receiving justice. I am looking forward to the next week or so to put into action the steps that need to be taken. There is a special place in Heaven for you! With much gratitude and thanks, Lyneen Smith  3/4/17


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Ken, for taking my call and all of the wonderful guidance you gave me! Not only that, you really listened to my concerns and made me feel comfortable talking to you.
I know that you’re a very busy man so I really want you to know that I appreciate every second of that hour we talked. I already feel it in my spirit that God is going to use you in a mighty way! A good change is going to come and we’re ready!!! Lastly and most of all, I truly appreciate the encouragement you gave me to “always say a little prayer”!

I have followed u for so long and joined ur website. Your links, letters, papers are always so “spot on” and your kindness to help others is so rare. I know I have thanked you before for all you do and I still look forward to talking to you one day soon.
Just another thanks for people like you being out there to help people like me.


“Mr. Abraham,
I spent about two hours on your website. Wow! I have been trying to find something just like it, and your website is the BEST! It is full of practical tips and useful information, better than any I have seen in the four months that I have spent looking. I found the answer to my question and so much more. Most websites just post stories, or unconvincing explanations of the law. YOU make sense of it all. Keep up the great work!”


“Sharon McNeil Altermatt I just wanted to say that I talked with Kenneth Abraham for the first time today and he has helped me already! So many things I didn’t know. My son has been denied parole 3 times and never told why. Well, it could be for the simple reason he is still denying he did anything wrong. In his mind he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong and he took a plea bargain which he shouldn’t have done, but that is done and there is no going back. Kenneth told me he needs to write out what he did and how sorry he is. It could be something that simple has kept him locked up longer than he should have been. Also he hasn’t participated in anything really, to better himself, always making excuses. He does work which is good but Kenneth explained how you have to ask for things to participate in and then do it to show you are working on yourself, I guess even if you don’t think you need it. My son is still stuck in the mindset of “he didn’t do anything” and he has a high school diploma so he’s not interested in GED classes but he could take college classes. When I asked him about those a long time ago he said they were expensive and he couldn’t afford them. Well, I have no idea what they cost and I would gladly pay for them. I can see where a lot of this is his fault. He constantly asks for money but it’s never for anything to better himself. The parole board is simply NOT seeing what they want to see. Kenneth went on to explain that even with everything done right, they still deny parole more than they give it. I have another problem too. He was sentenced to complete a sex offender program that no longer exists. It was defunded by the legislature so I have no idea what we do about that. Anyway, if your loved one has 3 or more years left on their sentence definitely give Ken a call!”



Good night, Ken! And thank you for helping me craft a great letter to the editor today! Maybe we can shake up some complacent folks.



I can’t thank you enough for your never ending support from day one…it never gets old, every thank you is as genuine as the first…(and what am I up to now…the 100’s 😂 )
But seriously, someone with your knowledge, dedication, kindness in caring to make a difference…it means a lot that you continually support me.
Thank you,


Mr Abraham thank you so much for all the great information and the time you put in to help me. My husband says thank you also. This will help such a great deal. This has been such a nightmare and over the five months I have reached out to so many people and always have gotten the same generic answers and it was so incredible to have someone like you actually help ❤. Just one quick question…would you happen to know where I could look to try to get a pro bono lawyer? I’ve spent time googling and researching and its difficult to find pro bono criminal lawyers and legal aid in my area does not assist with that. I feel that you’ve given me a lot of help and know I can do a lot with this information but there is still that fear that if I don’t have a lawyer outside of the public defenders office that he will do time. I know you are busy and I thank you again for everything.


I just got this comment. MADE MY DAY!

“Mr. Abraham, you have been so very helpful; I cannot tell you how much our whole family appreciates the guidance you have given us. Your website has so much good information on it that it is like a “Digital Defense Attorney”! 🙂 Lawyers whom I paid thousands of dollars answered my calls weeks later. I still can’t get over how responsive you are in answering calls and my questions … it has been 24 hours at the most! God Bless you, and thanks again for everything you do.


“Thank you. It has been a pleasure speaking to you about this case. Yes you can use my name. You have given us guidance and concrete information that has been most useful to us. I have been able to refer some others to your site because the help you have given has been spot on correct.”


Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me! I know how busy you are, but that 1/2 hour gave me more good advice than my attorney has provided in over 6 months. I could tell that you care, and I guess that makes the difference. THANKS AGAIN … YOU’RE AN ANGEL! 🙂


Yes call him I’ve talked to him briefly and it gave me so much peace can’t wait to do the paperwork. Honesty is a very valuable asset and its rare to find attorneys that make you feel that way and that they are in your corner.


As an active Law Enforcement Officer, I have to say that “Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE” is one of the very best sites I have ever run across for disseminating information. The content of this site is extremely relevant and controversial, in that it speaks to issues seldom addressed elsewhere.
In sum, the site provokes one to look at issues with “new eyes.”
Thank you Ken.

A huge thank you to Mr. Kenneth Abraham for spending an hour of his time with me today providing much needed advice, as I try my best to advocate and support my husband in this CA prison system and in getting him home! I urge you all to visit Ken ‘ s website @ www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net There is a lot of helpful information on there, Ken is very easy to talk to, he’s honest, and real, and he definitely lifted my spirits today!

To me, the true definition of a hero, is someone who sacrifices himself for the betterment of others and does so without waving a “look at me” flag. I have sat back and studied the things Ken does-and the man is admirable, to say the least. The way you conduct your life is heroic and I admire your hard fought for accomplishments. Today’s Super Hero, our Ken.


I don’t know how you do all that you do. Well, yes I do. You know what you are doing….you get to the point…you have the information and the experience needed …and you don’t waste time.


God Bless you! You don’t tell people what they want to hear; you tell them what they NEED to hear. You speak the truth!



Ken, I just saw your facebook page, and I went to your website. I am not on the computer much. Why am I not surprised?! Ken, I remember seeing you in action in court. You were IT! As the court reporter, I saw all of you lawyers in court, and you were IT! Just so always well prepared and so quick on your feet – I think I’ll never forget when you cross-examined that doctor about the color of the moon*. You destroyed him in sixty seconds! The jurors’ jaws just dropped!

I am sorry to see what happened to you, but not at all surprised that you are turning it into a plus, and it sure looks like you’re doing a great job of addressing all the problems we see today. I see your letters in the paper. Keep up a good work!

*This is what she meant by referring to that cross-examination:


About 40 years ago I was prosecuting an airman who murdered his wife. His name was Mike, but because he used a large butcher knife while she was in the shower, we called him “psycho killer”, after the Hitchcock movie.

The defense had an expert psychiatrist [Let’s just call him Doctor] who was prepared to say that Mike was under “extreme emotional distress” at the time, which would have reduced the crime to a lesser offense (whether that was grossly negligent homicide, murder 3d, or some other homicide I do not recall, but the law was clear: if the jury found “extreme emotional distress” they could not convict on the more serious charges.)

So … Doctor took the stand and the defense attorney walked him through the paces. He testified that in response to two exams (again, I do not recall the names of those “medical” tests), ALL of the answers Mike gave (37 if I recall correctly) were “consistent with”* his suffering, or being under, extreme emotional distress.

I kept count of the questions and answers during direct examination – I always used two pens and made notes to be prepared when I cross-examined. Well, at some point when the Doctor was testifying I had a flash of inspiration on how to cross examine him. The defense attorney sat down and I got up to question Doctor. I asked only 3 questions.

Me (after the usual “good afternoon” and so on): Doctor, I counted the number of times that you testified that Mike gave answers which you say was “consistent with” extreme emotional distress. Those were the words you used every time, 37 times, right, Doctor, “consistent with extreme emotional distress”, aren’t they? He hesitated … I reminded him we could have the court reporter read it all back, and he said something like “well, yes, that’s right”.

Me: Doctor, the fact that the moon appears yellow in color is “consistent with” the conclusion that the moon is made of cheese, is it not? All of the jurors’ eyebrows went up and one or two of them actually laughed out loud – in a murder case!

He did not answer, so I asked the judge to order him to answer the question, and he had to say “yes”.

He was already “toast”, but I simply said “and we all know, don’t we, Doctor, that the moon is not made of cheese?” I didn’t even wait for an answer. I sat down, and I did not bother to call our own expert psychiatrist. Mike was convicted of 1st degree murder.

So much for “expert” testimony.
Because psychiatry and many, many matters about which “experts” testify is as much art as science, they cannot say “positively”; they must say “consistent with”. Even with DNA they cannot say “positively”, they have to give probabilities. I.e. The probability of anyone else having the same DNA is 1 in 25 gazillion, or similar testimony.


Thank You Kenneth Abraham! Your work is very admirable. I totally and wholeheartedly appreciate the fine job you are doing. I know it is not easy being an attorney and fighting for our rights. You are fighting the whole establishment. Thank You Again!!
I have spoken to Kenneth Abraham and he is a very informative Lawyer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the info you helped me with Kenneth Abraham
You are certainly a blessing to this group and in my opinion a very noble man. Thanks for all that you do in this group and elsewhere.
Thank you so much for your excellent advice; you gave more advice in my son’s case than all of the other lawyers I called put together. Looking forward to speaking with you again soon!
Dear Kenneth you are an example to the world, please, do not give up EVER , we count on you!!!!
Kenneth, the world is a better place because of the fact you are one of its inhabitants. Thank God. As JFK stated. “Ask not what your country can do for you. What can you do for your country? You are an American that does a lot of good work for society. Thank you, my brother.
I have known Ken Abraham since he was practicing law about 40 years ago, when he was a hell of a great attorney. Now he is even better, with a mountain of experience under his belt. Although he has retired from practicing law, he is doing what he wants, helping people who need help and cannot afford a good lawyer, and he has carved out a niche: preparing Petitions for Commutation or Executive Clemency to get inmates (those who qualify) out of prison early, and Petitions for Pardons for people to put their mistakes behind them. Since his personal disaster he has helped several inmates achieve early release, and he has helped people get Pardons. Below is a message he has put out on Facebook. If you have a friend or loved one in prison, with a sentence of 8 years or more, or if you want a Pardon, your rights restored, you’d be crazy not to call Ken!
Thank you for the information. It does my heart good to know that there are people out there like you.
You are an inspiration!
Sounds like you’ve been busy helping; thank you for that! It’s people like you that help to make changes in the system. Thanks again.
God bless you Kenneth, and thank the Lord for all the good deeds you do!
Thank you for all you do Ken! You are a true inspiration!
“Ken is one of the hardest working men I ever met He goes 24/7 to fight for others’ rights . He is a great listener even when he is going 100 mph . He has been a great friend and supporter. We really appreciate the things you do, Ken. Way to go! !!”
Special thanks to you Kenneth Abraham you’re a legend; keep up the awesome work…
Kenneth Abraham, Super Hero? Santa’s Elf? Or Something else… all together. Former Deputy Attorney General, and Founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice, www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net , among other things. He is a voice for the imprisoned. His site has the resources and tools for your loved ones, family or yourself… he is a true inspiration, and works tirelessly to help the homeless, and impoverished.
I truly appreciate all your work and will continue to get your word out. We can make a difference!!
Kenneth Abraham You have written your name in Gold inside the heart of many! We shall live to #Remember you! I pray to come to #TheUS someday, and #HaveAHandShake with You! #AHero! A take a Bow!
A huge thank you to Mr. Kenneth Abraham for spending an hour of his time with me today providing much-needed advice, as I try my best to advocate and support my husband in this CA prison system and in getting him home! I urge you all to visit Ken ‘ s website @ www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net !! There is a lot of helpful information on there, Ken is very easy to talk to, he’s honest, and real, and he definitely lifted my spirits today!
Ken Good News Your Motion Did The Trick! Josh Comes off the ankle bracelet On 8-17-2015 and he is on level three. God Bless You and Thanks. Now We have to get the money together for Matthew’s situation to reduce his sentence.
Thankyou heaps Kenneth for helping so many people in Jesus name. A lot of people would stand in a cue to meet you. All the best to you always, kind regards Mary.