Why is this here? Cops protect us, and teachers greatly reduce recidivism … among many other reasons!


7/8/12 Goofy Priorities

Now this morning I type before my flowers run,
Because between bed and the bathroom a poem had begun,
About the notion that’s been in my head for so very long,
That our society has some of its values a little wrong,

We make much ado of “celebrities”, sports stars and such,
Lord, just the vacuous TV shows like “E Tonight” and its ilk are too much,
People, our kids, get the idea that it matters to be famous for famous’ sake,
Holy macaroni, that’s a ludicrous mistake,

What matters in America, it seems to me,
Are those who defend and improve our society,
Yes, Johnny and Suzie’s TEACHERS, for heaven’s sake,
What could be more important than the role they undertake?
Those instilling values and knowledge in future generations deserve mention,
These are the kinds of folks who should get more attention,

And the people IN UNIFORM, soldiers and police,
They risk their very lives so that others (we) may live in peace,
So that we may go about our days in blissful tranquility.
And pursue our hobbies or vocations, whatever they may be,

Yet it is the “celebrities” who garner praise and huge financial reward,
Instead of those whose ordinary toil should be more adored,
Is “adored” too strong a word for the fireman (fireperson), soldier , reporter. teacher or cop?
That’s an individual call, I know,
But I, for one, don’t think so,
For how can we even measure the value of their contributions?
We’re surely not doing it in the pay given by their institutions,

Well, I guess that’s my little peeve for the day,
So now…. To gather those beautify buds, I am on my way,
Then it is on to usher in a brick building not very large,
But it is in that special little building (Christ Church) that I recharge.

7/8/12 KRA

Oops, “peeve” is a verb, not a noun, that’s what the book says,
But I’m not going to bother with that correction today,
Because picking those flowers is my priority now; the heck with the rest, I am on my way,
I’m reminded of being astounded (I mean stopped in my tracks at the very thought of it!) 22 years ago seeing a sign which said: “sometimes it is all right to do less than your best.”.