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Watch your kids and grandchildren, and if you suspect serious trouble, snoop around! This grandmother probably saved many lives. YOU can snoop; it is only when the government is involved that you need a warrant. 

Long before it gets to this point, talk to youngsters about the fleeting nature of “fame”, about what really matters in life, and if you think they need counseling, get it! 

Not exactly on point, but you get the idea:  = Go Granny, Go! 



Excerpts from the Article:


An 18-year-old was arrested Tuesday after a journal was found detailing plans to shoot his classmates at a high school in Everett, Wash. According to the Everett Police Department, the 18-year-old’s grandmother called 911 Tuesday morning after finding the journal and believed the threats to shoot students at ACES High School were credible.

Officers responded to the house and were shown excerpts of the journal and were told the grandson had a semiautomatic rifle stored in a guitar case. As officers reviewed the journal, they were alarmed by the statements and detailed plans to shoot students and use homemade explosives, according to a police department news release.


Excerpts from the journal show the teen had been thinking about the shooting frequently and wanted to make it “infamous,” according to probable cause documents.

Court documents state the young man wrote, “I can’t wait to walk into class and blow all those (expletives) away,” and “I need to make this shooting/bombing infamous. I need to get the biggest fatality number I possible can.”

Prosecutors allege the suspect had inert grenades in his bedroom that he planned to fill with black powder along with the AK-47 hidden in a guitar case.


The student attended Kamiak High School last year before transferring to ACES Alternative School this fall. Detectives say he simply flipped a coin to determine which school to target. It came up ACES. ACES High School was contacted and told about the threat. The student was arrested at the school, and a knife and marijuana were found on his person.

“It really speaks to the importance of if you see something or hear something to notify the authorities. That’s what she did. It could well have saved many, many lives including her grandson’s life,” said Muntz.


The arrest in Washington came a day before 17 people were killed at a high school in Parkland, Fla. The suspect in that shooting was booked into jail Thursday and faces 17 counts of premeditated murder.

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