It’s good that the abusive guard got time, but think about it; if the situation were reversed, the inmate would have been sentenced to years in prison!

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Excerpts from the Article:

A former Florida corrections deputy has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for throwing a restrained inmate to the ground.

Video evidence was a key in the case. 

News outlets report that 34-year-old Paul Wagner pleaded no contest last month to felony battery in Manatee County court.

Prosecutors say Wagner was escorting an inmate through the county jail in June 2017 when a verbal altercation over a contraband search occurred.

Security video shows Wagner pinning the inmate to the wall and then throwing him to the ground.

An internal affairs investigation found that the inmate suffered a broken nose and teeth.


The Whole Story:

Former Florida Jail Guard Gets 120 Days For Throwing Inmate Down