Today is the first anniversary of the horrid Parkland shooting. It coincides with Valentine’s Day. For the love of our children, we need changes!

17 dead kids, 17 more people injured, BECAUSE of (1) America’s long-standing neglect of our mentally ill and (2) the Supreme Court did not understand the words “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” in the 2d Amendment … or they simply caved to the powerful NRA and the rest of the gun lobbyists!

We weep for the families of lost loved ones, but more than that I pray that the voices of the millions of kids who have been motivated to act politically by these mass shootings stay strong! I have no doubt that they will be vocal in the next election, as I have no doubt that if the founding fathers of this great nation, who wrote that 2d Amendment, would be marching beside them if they could!

There are too damn many guns in this country. I am well aware that millions do not agree with me, that some even posit absurd conspiracy theories that the government could “be at your door any minute” and you need to defend yourself. What nonsense.

I shall not respond at all to those who disagree; I have heard ALL the arguments. I shall not waste one second of my time responding to those who may disagree. It is your right to disagree … THAT the founding fathers made clear. But they sure fucked up with the 2d Amendment. It was understandable for the times in which it was penned, but someone should shoot – verbally – the Supreme Court Bozos who did not realize that nor state that!

While some laws restricting guns have changed, we need much more. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves, wishing they could re-write that Amendment to make their intent more clear. At this point the only real  effective change is to repeal the 2d Amendment, and I realize that will not happen in my lifetime

BOYCOTT the NRA, and PRAY for our kids’ safety.

God Bless kids like David Hogg, Parkland survivor!

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