Four Points for Outrage in this short article:

  1. Her death was preventable, had the prison health care staff only done what they are required by law to do: provide reasonable care.
  2. This cost YOU at least $5 Million, maybe closer to $6 million. The way these cases work, YOU pay for all of the litigation, all the lawyers, the judge, etc…. CALL me and I’ll be glad to explain. $5 Million is a drop in the bucket of money wasted in cases just like this one every year! My number is 302-423-4067
  3. Nobody was prosecuted for this death, as they should have been under 18 USCA Sections 242 and 242. And nobody admitted wrongdoing.
  4. The prison LIED to try to cover up the truth, as they often do!

UPDATED with this:


Left to DIE


Left to die on the cold cell floor,

Though many a guard had walked past her door,

They looked in, saw the foam in her mouth, and kept on walking,

As all the inmates heard them talking,

“She’s just another fucking junkie”, one would say,

“Yeah, let’s get some coffee”, the other replied, on that, her last day.

She died around noon, and the jail labeled it “natural causes”,

As they so often lie in their “official” reports, the sentences and clauses,

Another casualty of extreme medical neglect in prisons and jails,

Just yesterday I got another call about a similar tale,

So here I sit long before the sun pops up,

And soon I shall send that inmate’s Mom an email follow-up,

Telling her exactly what to do,

So that he may not be … Left to DIE.

kra 10/28/18

DEAD! An addict who needed treatment, not prison, and who could have been YOUR daughter, sister, niece, etc.

Excerpts from the Article:

The family of an 18-year-old woman who died while going through heroin withdrawal in Lebanon County Prison will be awarded $4.75 million after settling their civil and wrongful death lawsuits against Lebanon County this month, court documents show.

Victoria “Tori” Herr collapsed and died after suffering from withdrawal symptoms for four days while she was an inmate. She was arrested in March of 2015 after police who were looking for her boyfriend found drugs in the apartment she shared with him. Herr allegedly told the intake staff at the prison that she used 10 bags of heroin a day, and later told a cellmate she was afraid her withdrawal process would be difficult.

The lawsuit accused staffers at the prison of ignoring her medical needs for days, and then lying about it after she died.

Herr went through bouts of vomiting and diarrhea over four days. She was given Erasure, water and adult diapers, the lawsuit alleges. But Herr was unable to keep the fluids down and collapsed of an apparent case of dehydration while being brought back to her cell after a stay in the prison’s infirmary on March 31, the lawsuit says.

She died on April 5. Her death was ruled accidental by the Lebanon County Coroner’s Office. Cause of death was listed as complications of chronic substance abuse and anorexia. Herr’s family sued the county in 2016.

Settlement of the family’s lawsuit was finalized on October 5, court documents show. No Lebanon County employees acknowledged any wrongdoing as part of the settlement.

The Whole Story:

Family of 18-year-old who died in Lebanon County Prison awarded $4.75 million in settlement