I organized a move – a prison phone boycott – to lower the rates in Delaware several years ago, and it worked! DO it in your state. You will be reducing crime, as sure as I sit here, for all studies show that those inmates with outside contacts are less likely to return … and the OUTRAGEOUSLY high rates prohibit or limit those contacts.

Here is HOW TO DO IT: Send a postcard to about 20 prisoners (or as many as you can – get other activists involved), in prison facilities statewide. Pick a date a couple of months out so they have plenty of time to spread the word … and tell them to spread the word to BOYCOTT prison phones for the month of xxxx. Make only needed calls, as to lawyers or about their case.  Emphasize that THEY can make a difference, and have in other states!

Sample:  Mr. xxxxxxxx,  This is your chance to DO something which helps all inmates! Spread the word throughout the prison, and to other prisons in xxxx ( your state= … hell, NATIONWIDE!)  – put up flyers near the phones! – to BOYCOTT the prison phones for the month of May, 2020. Make only NECESSARY calls ALL MONTH, like about your case or a medical emergency. Sure it will be tough, but DO it! This has worked in other states to reduce the OUTRAGEOUS rates they charge you!

Excerpts from the Article:

Families with loved ones behind bars are planning to gather at the Massachusetts Statehouse to press for lower prison phone rates and less restricted visits. The families are planning to lobby lawmakers Wednesday in support of two bills they say are designed to improve prison and jail visitation policies.

Supporters say their goal is to strengthen parent-child relationships, reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and build stronger communities.

The bills would make several changes to state law including rolling back limitations on the number of unique individuals allowed to visit a prisoner and ensuring no visitor is turned away on the basis of a dress code violation without consultation with a superintendent or shift commander.

“Children, parents, families, and so many others with incarcerated loved ones are facing an uphill battle to overcome extraordinary odds,” said Democratic state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz. “Incarceration can damage vital family ties and child development, and exacerbates chronic childhood poverty.”

Another backer of the changes — Democratic state Rep. Marjorie Decker — said the legislation would undo harsh changes to inmate visitation policies.

“It is confounding that Massachusetts has taken a step backwards in our inmate visitation policies when we know that the research is clear,” Decker said.

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