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Unless thy read some of the relevant articles, people do not understand how  and why so many innocent people confess. Read the articles on our website!


As a prosecutor, I was extremely cautious to be sure that I never convicted an innocent person; yet today we are imprisoning innocent people at the rate of at least, at least, 10 per week. Nearly unbelievable!  This is how BAD our criminal justice system has become.



Excerpts from the article:



Garrett reports that half of the 20 death row inmates who were exonerated by DNA testing had falsely confessed to the crime.


Garrett found that 65 of 69 false confessions were contaminated. In 19 of those cases, the defendants were convicted despite DNA testing that cleared them at the time of trial. In the case of Damon Thibodeaux, police did not conduct DNA tests that would have proved his innocence after securing a false confession after 9 hours of interrogation.


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