Part of my prison time included some D O C “classes”.  With the exception of some of the education ones, most are a waste of time, with nobody staying on topic.

I cannot remember the class I was in when some young fool blurted out “Everyone respects a shooter!”  The recent spate of shootings in Philly reminded me of this.

Well, that was too much, so I raised my hand and when the teacher called on me I said “What a load of bullshit; any hot headed young punk can pull a trigger!” . I think I added “only wrong thinking people say things like that.” If looks could kill, from the idiot who said “Everyone respects a shooter!”, I would not be here.

The teacher, a Ms. Eagle, said: “Well, Mr. Abraham, you have a point there.”

I had no incident with the fool because I had some very large prisoner friends who I had helped with legal work, and they kept an eye on me.