My friend Ed Bartlett sent me this. The racism in the system really is wild.

Dear Criminal Reform Colleague,

As you know, the over-arrest of Black men is a major injustice in our country. Here’s the mind-boggling problem:

Even though Black men are more likely than Black women to be victims of domestic violence, Black men FOUR TIMES more likely than Black women to be arrested for domestic violence. Because it’s such a disturbing problem, here are the actual numbers:

Annual numbers of Black victims of partner abuse:

· Male victims: 1.5 million

· Female victims: 1.4 million

Annual number of Black persons arrested for domestic violence:

· Males: 27,031

· Females: 6,341

You can see the links to the CDC and DOJ studies here:

To stop this injustice, the Coalition to End Domestic Violence has set up a petition:

In advance of Black History Month, please sign our petition. Then share it with your colleagues and friends to get word out!

We can’t allow the current epidemic of arrests of Black men to continue. Thank you!


Edward E. Bartlett, PhD


Coalition to End Domestic Violence

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Washington, DC 20007

Phone: 301-801-0608