This is one of the greatest myths in the world of criminal justice: that one’s guilty plea is/was  ‘Voluntarily and Knowingly Made’ .

About 95% to 98% of all cases end in a guilty plea. In 2018 alone, in the federal system there were 73,109 federal convictions with 71,550 of them being guilty pleas. And the federal system is only 15% of all cases!

When one pleads guilty [READ Rush to Sentence  – A Major, Awful Consequence of our “War on Drugs”!   =   to learn WHY so many cases end in a plea,], the judge asks you, on the record, a series of questions. You usually also sign a page with the same questions, saying that you understand them and agree to them, further dooming your chances of getting JUSTICE later – and thereafter, you chances of undoing that guilty plea are, literally, less than one in a million!

The standard is whether one’s guilty plea was ‘Voluntarily and Knowingly Made’ .  What a sad joke!  Far, far faaaaar too many times, the defendant is too petrified and/or ill-informed by his jackass lawyer to know what the hell is going on! He/she is “a deer in the headlights”, doing what his/her attorney told him or her to do!

For various reasons, many of those attorneys should be SHOT. And if you don’t think so you need to …