Joe’s victory holds promise for much great criminal justice reform, and it will start with the end of private prisons! You can bet that if I happen to know whomever he appoints as AG, I’ll give him/her a call.  🙂

Just think of it: no more bullshit from lying, foolish, tRump enablers like BARR and POMPEO!  🙂  🙂 

The Article:

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been elected president of the United States, defeating President Trump by promising to restore civility and stability to American politics and vowing more aggressively to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Biden, 77, on Jan. 20 will become the 46th president and the oldest man ever sworn into the office. On Saturday, four days after Election Day, he secured the requisite 270 votes from the Electoral College.

The election, far closer than many experts had predicted, was history-making: Mr. Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, is the first woman, and the first woman of color, on a winning presidential ticket.

Mr. Biden’s triumph concluded an extraordinary election that was expected to set modern records for turnout, despite being held amid a pandemic that has upended life across the United States and brought a new level of complexity to the voting process. Voters faced concerns about public health, long lines at the polls, and the vexing challenges of a transformed election system while rendering a verdict on Mr. Trump’s chaotic and norm-breaking presidency. In key battleground states, it took several days to process and count the flood of ballots sent through the mail.

In the end, the race was not the landslide many Democrats had hoped for. And the partisan wrangling is not over: the Trump campaign and Republican lawyers have already begun a wide-ranging legal assault to challenge Democratic votes and victories in swing states.

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I just sent this to my Press list of about 400 media outlets:

Letter to the Editor – 11-7-20 – Amen!


The prayers of countless millions of patriotic, level-headed Americans have been answered. The best news in hearing that Biden has won the presidency is that Donald J Trump, lifelong con man, will soon be convicted of serious crimes related to his financial dealings, and people like Barr, Pompeo, and other foolish, lying Trump enablers soon will be replaced by people with integrity.


Ken Abraham, Dover, DE 302-423-4067.


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kra 3/11/18
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