Acts such as done by this idiot accomplish nothing. As a deterrent, he should get the maximum fine.  Moreover, it is important to remember that most cops are good cops. READ 

Remember the Good Cops- Most Cops ARE the Good Cops! =

Excerpts from the Article:

A 42-year-old Camden man accused of taking an ax to the back of a neck of a police officer memorial in Dover early Friday morning has been arrested, Dover Police said. They arrested him after finding evidence at the scene and watching video surveillance, according to police. Kyle Bullock was arrested for vandalizing a police memorial in Dover.

Police said Kyle Bullock left his cell phone at the scene where they found an ax, a vandalized statue of an officer kneeling, and two urine-soaked Delaware state flags. Shortly after 5:30 a.m. police discovered the damage to the memorial located on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Police said Bullock came to the scene asking officers if they had seen his missing cell phone. They claim he lied and told officers he lost it while participating in a protest earlier that day.

Dover Police said that Bullock was seen around protest activity, which had been going on in Dover since May 31, but that he was never with the group of protesters. Police also said that he was disorderly with them and that protesters told them he was not a part of the protesting group.

 Delaware’s law enforcement memorial, which was erected in 2010 to honor the state’s fallen law enforcement officers, was axed Friday morning and two state flags “soaked” in urine were left nearby, Dover police said.

Officers arrested Bullock Friday night and charged him with a single county of felony criminal mischief. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $5,100 cash bond.

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