Another HORROR STORY of prison ‘health care”.  I have read at least a thousand!

From 174 pounds to 128 pounds, to DEAD! I put the inmate’s name in the title so I can find this article readily when his family is awarded millions of dollars in the lawsuit sure to follow!

Excerpts from the Article:


Stephen Burrell’s story is best told in eight days. It starts on Jan. 12 when he is arrested by the North Las Vegas Police Department and booked into the City of Las Vegas Detention Center.

North Las Vegas uses the jail run by the City of Las Vegas’ Department of Public Safety. Minutes after he’s booked, a nurse notes that he’s depressed and acting strangely.

He weighed 174 pounds.

On Feb. 2, a corrections officer notices he is not eating and starts monitoring his meals. Three days later, Burrell is seen by a doctor. The doctor notes his speech is childlike and that he isn’t eating. Mental health personnel is called.

Nine days later Burrell has a psychiatric evaluation. The doctor notes that he is schizophrenic and that he might be minimizing his illness. He’s lost close to thirty pounds.

On Mar. 1 another doctor with the jail’s healthcare provider, Wellpath, writes that Stephen doesn’t understand why he’s in jail and calls for him to be released to be treated for his mental illness.

Then 5 days followed, where he was still in jail when North Las Vegas Police drop the charges against him. That same day Burrell, tells a doctor he is sick and throwing up, a nurse notes that he can’t stand on his own.

A doctor, again, says he should be released on a legal 2000, the City of Las Vegas rebooks him on outstanding warrants.

On Mar. 7, nurses assume that he is going to be sent to the hospital, but he is kept in his cell. Mar. 8 he is found unresponsive in his cell, weighing just 128 pounds.

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