Another lawsuit, wholly preventable! Prison abuse, including abominable health care, will end only when YOU protest it!

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Excerpts from the Article:

Instead of treating inmate, ‘they were watching him die’ former prison doctor says.

Willie Whaley’s type 1 diabetes was out of control, and the people in charge of his care had reason to know it. Time after time, they checked his blood sugar and found it dangerously high, sometimes so high the meter was unable to read it.

Such readings are a sign of potentially deadly diabetic ketoacidosis and should lead to immediate hospitalization, say experts in the treatment of diabetes.

But Whaley was in a place where a different kind of thinking exists. Instead of a hospital, he was confined to a cell at Georgia State Prison. And that’s where he was later discovered, his lifeless body on his bunk.Whaley’s death in December 2017 is now the subject of a federal lawsuit that once again points to flaws in the medical care provided to Georgia’s state prison inmates.

AJC investigations have repeatedly found that misdiagnoses and delayed or denied treatments have led to a grim legacy of deaths. Substandard prison medical care also has cost the state millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements in recent years. Whaley’s mother, Rebecca Hill, is seeking at least $10 million in damages for what she claims is negligence by an assortment of officials and workers with the Georgia Department of Corrections and Georgia Correctional HealthCare, the branch of Augusta University that employs the medical personnel working in the prison system.

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