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This is all very nice, but I BET we will not see much decrease in the violence. There IS one way to dramatically reduce the tidal wave of urban homicides and crime throughout America: END THE WAR ON DRUGS!


READ More Band-Aids won’t solve wave of drug violence!



READ THIS:   AFTER PROHIBITION   LEAP has since changed its name to Law Enforcement Action Partnership, to reflect its broader mission [I am a member of the Speakers Bureau], but this still is one of the BEST descriptions of the problem!



STUDY this picture of the effect of Drug Prohibition! What is at the top? HOMICIDES, VIOLENCE!


Excerpts from the Article:


The City of Oakland did a good thing on June 20, 2017. After a long process and much soul searching, the Oakland City Council voted to create a Department of Violence Prevention (DVP), with a Chief of Violence Prevention to work directly with victims of violent crime — and those who are most likely to be future victims or perpetrators of violent crime – by pursuing a public health approach to dramatically reduce violent crime and end the cycle of trauma in impacted communities.

Public safety is consistently cited as the most important issue confronting Oakland, so import that the Chief of Police (OPD) and the Chief of Fire (OFD) report directly to the City Administration. The DVP will now join OPD and OFD at that level within the municipal structure.


Every month Oakland can expect to lose on average seven members of the community to homicide, many more will be impacted by nonfatal gun violence, dozens more will experience domestic violence and an alarming number of youth will be kidnapped and raped as victims of commercial sex trafficking. This is despite support by Oaklanders since 2004 directing hundreds of millions of dollars into violence prevention and community policing programs to make Oakland safe.



Another said living in Oakland is living in a war zone that has taken parts of his soul, that something has to be done now.



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