EVERY jurisdiction in the nation should do this! I have been saying that for years.  With all of the killings by police, more and more will.


Lawmakers on Thursday announced they are filing a bill that would require all police officers in Delaware to wear body cameras.

House Bill 195 by Rep. Sherry Dorsey Walker, D-Wilmington, would require all police officers and certain employees from the Department of Correction and Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families to wear the cameras.

The governor, the attorney general, the Statehouse’s majority party, activists and police support the statewide body camera mandate — all but ensuring it’s a done deal in Delaware. Lawmakers are likely to pass the bill before the legislative session ends June 30.

On Thursday, Attorney General Kathy Jennings called the body camera policy a “top priority” in building trust and accountability in policing.

The state Department of Justice hopes to have cameras on all officers sometime in 2022, though an exact timeline is so far unclear.

Officials expect the bill to be approved and funding for the program to be secured by July, and then the state will start the bidding process for camera manufacturers, according to Chief Deputy Attorney General Alex Mackler.

According to the proposal, the Council on Police Training would create rules for the use of the cameras for police — including whether to let members of the public see the footage. The council would have to present the rules to the attorney general by January 15.

Jennings supports public access to footage, except in certain circumstances such as interviews with children or sexual assault victims.

“There has to be some type of filter…that protects the rights of those people who, by statute, are guaranteed that protection,” Jennings said.