My thoroughly reliable source tells me that as soon as they are out of range from any camera, most of the guards REMOVE their masks! Duh. No wonder the virus is spreading.

Excerpts from the Article:

Delaware prison officials are fighting an outbreak of coronavirus at Sussex Correctional Institution south of Georgetown. On Monday, correction officials said 58 inmates at the prison have tested positive for the virus, the first inmate cases at that facility since the pandemic began.

Knowledge of the outbreak began last week when three inmates showed symptoms, prompting officials to test those who interacted with the three, officials said. That led to the current crop of positive results.

It also prompted the quarantine of inmates in those housing units. Visitation, which was set to be restarted after being on hold for months due to the pandemic, was resuspended and inmates at the prison were issued masks, correction officials said.

The new positive cases have also prompted the prison to test all of the approximately 900 inmates, officials said.

Of the 58 inmates at the prison who tested positive so far, 48 are asymptomatic.

Most were transported to James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna where the correctional system has a designated COVID-19 treatment center. Three are being treated in area hospitals.

Recently, two medical contractors working at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution outside Wilmington tested positive and other tests are pending.

The system is also trying to keep a lid on cases at Vaughn, the state’s largest prison. There, seven officers have recently tested positive, though no inmates are currently listed as positive for the virus, according to state figures.

Seven inmates at the prison have died from the virus.

A total of 140 inmates have recovered from the virus, the vast majority of those being from a previous outbreak at Vaughn.

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