My friend Kathleen Jennings is on the right path here, and this case is NOT part of a recent settlement of many similar claims.  The ratbastards of the Sackler family should be personally held accountable. READ about the tenetative settlement: 

Excerpts from the Article:

Attorney General Kathy Jennings on Monday sued seven members of the family responsible for founding Purdue Pharma, alleging the Sacklers played a role in the opioid crisis impacting Delaware and other states. According to the complaint, members of the Sackler family, through their control of Purdue Pharma, downplayed the dangers of opioids and profited off the crisis the drugs created.

“The Sacklers have blood on their hands,” Ms. Jennings said in a statement. “More than 1,400 Delawareans suffered fatal drug overdoses from 2014 to 2018, and nearly 200 Delaware lives have been claimed by addiction this year alone.
“We cannot bring back the loved ones, friends and neighbors who have been taken by the opioid crisis — but we can and must seek justice and accountability for the victims of the Sacklers’ avarice, callousness and fraud.”

The complaint alleges the Sacklers were aware of and ignored the risks posed by opioid medications, convincing doctors to prescribe more and more and then shifted blame when the issue came to a head.

According to the Division of Public Health, 400 people fatally overdosed in Delaware last year, an increase from 343 the year prior and 142 in 2012.
The complaint alleges there is “at least $100 million drained annually from State resources” dealing with issues stemming from widespread opioid addiction. The state is charging the Sacklers with consumer fraud, negligence and nuisance. 

The lawsuit is one of many around the country that have targeted “Big Pharma” in recent years as overdose deaths have skyrocketed. Delaware has a separate lawsuit pending against Purdue Pharma and other companies in the opioid supply chain currently ongoing in the Superior Court.

The Associated Press reported over the weekend that two state attorneys general leading settlement negotiations with Purdue Pharma sent an email to colleagues saying they “expect Purdue to file for bankruptcy protection imminently.”

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