Ken’s Comments:

I have SEEN the corruption, the neglect, the wrongdoing and all the abuse, and daily I get a call or an email from the loved one of an inmate about it!

If you don’t already know, prison abuse is “America’s huge dirty little secret”!  Which is why I am writing a book about it!  

For anyone (like me) who has seen D O C’s inner workings this is a given: YOU CANNOT BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD UTTERED BY DOC OFFICIALS! THEY LIE LIKE HELL!

Neither prison administrators (with VERY rare exception!) nor the malicious guards give a shit about their own rules nor the law, because they so very rarely are held accountable. They Mock the law. Others – the vast majority of C Os who do their jobs properly – dare not report abuses they see before their very eyes, because they know that if they do they will not get promoted, get those plum overtime assignments, … or worse! Union contracts make it nearly impossible to  fire C Os. The whole culture stinks! THEY MUST BE PROSECUTED.


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It is not about what they did to me: kept me unlawfully, criminally (see 18 U S C A Sec. 241 and 242), imprisoned for four years. 1,510 days in an isolation cell. It is that  they (“law enforcement officers”) commit countless crimes and to this to helpless individuals day after day. Outrageous, and particularly galling to me, a former prosecutor. You do the crime, you do the time – a reasonable amount of time.


Prison officials spend hours every day preparing TOTALLY FALSE “write ups” and reports to cover up their crimes.Every day. They are very official looking … all typed up and signed by “officers” … but they are LIES!


Just as bad as all the abuse, is the massive indifference to it  – the massive indifference is a massive mistake. Anyone – ask my clients – will say I was a better than average lawyer. I filed what I had to, all ignored by the Courts. They ignored the law and misstated the facts to make my case “go away”. Heads in the sand. I blast those judges by name in my book.

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Here is a little poem I wrote about their cover up which kept me in that isolation cell (I do not know why the footnotes did not copy properly):


Cover Up

It’s Delaware D.O.C., where cover-up is the name of the game,
It’s Delaware D.O.C., where “criminal” and “officer” are one and the same,
Some are clearly misfits, mal-adjusted, mean-spirited little men,
Sadists, bullies, ignorant bigots surface again and again,
And when any C.O. commits crime, i.e., beats and kicks a helpless, handcuffed man,
The entire rank and file will deny it any way they can,
They lie, file FALSE “affidavits,” scheme to keep the upper hand,
Having absolutely ZERO regard for the law of the land*,
The scale of it, if you have not witnessed it, surely is hard to believe,
But it may as well be D.O.C. written policy: “Lie like Hell and Deceive!”
They abuse their authority, willfully break the law,
On a scale so MASSIVE, it will stick in your craw!
A galling gallimaufry of lies follows each criminal act,
With “officers” proclaiming, “We stick together,” and “I’ve got your back,”
They lie like crazy to the judge, take the court for a ride,
With the Attorney General, no less, stubbornly at their side!
They’re never punished, no matter how heinous their conduct may be,
For their victims, routinely abused, are “only prisoners,” you see,
Never mind that statutes, courts, and the Constitution say they’re protected,
In Delaware D.O.C., such a notion is soundly rejected,
They say, “screw the law; we’ll do whatever we want to do”,
Why? How can this be? Because NOBODY holds ‘em accountable, says “shame on you!”
They’ve gotten away with it so many times, it’s the norm, my friend,
And they’ll do it repeatedly, ‘till someone in authority says “This disgrace must end!”
And if nobody acts, things will stay the same…
It’s Delaware D.O.C., where cover-up is the name of the game.

KRA Winter of 2009.


COs commit crimes daily. Theft (including stealing legal documents), perjury, physical assault, FALSE reports to cover-up crimes.
Especially in SVOP in Georgetown, DE, where inmates are regularly assaulted and beaten by COs without cause.
See my case, # 07-593, U.S. District Court, and numerous others, such as, Curtis Collins, case won in March 2009.
They think nothing of filing false affidavits in court and do so regularly. See my cases # 08-311 and #11-033. Dist. Ct.
False reports, false affidavits; lying is common place to cover up their crimes.
*The first words out the mouth of “lieutenant” Patrick Smith, when I said “you’ll never get away with this…I’ll see you n court” were: “Ain’t no little cocksucker in a robe gonna tell me what to do.” THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THEIR ATTITUDE. See case # 08-311
I’ve heard them say this many times: “You will get nowhere…we stick together.” To me and to others.
Because DOC is a state agency the Attorney General represents these fools, when he should be prosecuting them!
See #6 above. Also, Warden Phelps told officers at a staff meeting that he will do “whatever he wants to do.”