Why do I post this here?  Because Douche Bag in Chief is as harmful to criminal justice as he is to everything else he touches! I just sent this to my email list of about 400 Press outlets.


Commentary or Letter to Editor – Public Warning! – 6/10/20


THE ADS ARE RUNNING NOW, and Trump’s ad agency does know how to push your “hot buttons” to try to manipulate you to vote for this hate filled, colossal moron!

A picture of Trump with the caption “Mr. nice guy doesn’t cut it” … to try to justify his inherently coarse approach to everything, suggesting that he is “tough” “to get the job done”. He’s just a rude, crude, dude, and we must remember that!

An interview with a voter who says: blah blah blah, “but he means well” or “but he loves our country”! Sounds wonderful, but WHAT A LOAD OF BULL. He does not “mean well” … he means to sew hatred and to take advantage of people. He does not “love our country”! He loves only himself and money, and will stop and nothing to promote himself – remember, his CORE is Conman!- and to take money from the poor and middle class and give it to the rich.

These are the FACTS, and his entire ad campaign is an insult to your intelligence.

He thinks he can hold a rally in Jacksonville, say “I love Jacksonville”, and “I love the people of Florida” and every Floridian will vote for him. HE DOES NOT GIVE A HOOT ABOUT YOU, NOR DOES HE GIVE A HOOT ABOUT FLORIDA!

His advertising this year is all kinds of lies, absurd promises, and baloney, just like 2016. Vote him OUT!

Ken Abraham, Dover, DE 302-423-4067