And BAM, just like that it came and went, just as justice has left our justice system!


           It’s Christmas Day!

It’s Christmas Day and I must say,
Many fond memories come rushing my way.
Memories of presents, snow forts, and so much more.
Wonderful childhood Christmases, with love and gifts galore,
Memories of some of the unusual decorations my Mom and Dad had on that tree,
Placed there, I am sure, at least in part, to amuse little me,
But now that I am old, Christmas is a time to get together with a few good friends,
And a time to remember what the Christmas message is … it never ends,
Preach the Good Book, and occasionally use words, my friends! The Birth of Jesus …. and that is what Jesus taught me,
You see?
Yes, I am working, so many need my help, which has considerable clout,
But the spirit of the Season is Paramount!
kra 12/25/19 = Silent Night