Milford doctor guilty in federal court of prescribing opioids for cash

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“Mr. Greed” got hold of this doctor. With all of the pill mills which have been prosecuted, he was stupid to do it. He should get, and probably will get, prison time. Excerpts from the Article: A doctor who operated a pain clinic in Milford has been convicted of more than a dozen federal drug offenses tied to his practice’s dispensing of addictive and dangerous opioids. A federal jury on Wednesday found Dr. Patrick Titus...

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Drug overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year

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Another grim reminder that we are foolishly maintaining policies which do not work … i. e. the War on Drugs! READ The Power of Advertising – Win the “War on Drugs” – UPDATED 9/22/20 Excerpts from the Article: Deaths from drug overdoses soared to more than 93,000 last year, a staggering record that reflects the coronavirus pandemic’s toll on efforts to quell the crisis and the continued spread of the synthetic...

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Updated: Dover Police ID Man Killed in Late Wednesday Night Shooting

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The area of this shooting has long been known as the place in Dover to buy illegal drugs.  As I have said hundreds of times, until the demand is reduced, there always will be a supply, with rip offs, battles for turf, etc., and the tragic carnage will continue! Excerpts from the Article: The Dover Police Department has released the name of a man killed in a late Wednesday night shooting that also left several other people injured. Officers...

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Juul agrees to pay North Carolina $40 million to settle vaping accusations

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Good, but not enough.  $40 million is a drop in the bucket for a company with 2020 revenue of $394 million.  Why are some of it’s executives not criminally charged?! Excerpts from the Article: E-cigarette company Juul agreed to pay North Carolina $40 million to settle allegations that the company aggressively marketed its products to young people, leading to addiction to high-nicotine vapes, Attorney General Josh Stein announced Monday....

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J&J agrees to pay $230M to settle New York opioid claim

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I want to know why some J & J executives are not in prison! Of course, we do know why:  they spend millions of dollars lobbying all manner of officials and contributing to their campaigns,  🙁  I call this “legal bribery”. Excerpts from the Article: Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $230 million to New York state to settle claims that the pharmaceutical giant helped fuel the opioid crisis, Attorney General Letitia James...

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Lost cause 50 years of the war on drugs in Latin America

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Opening the whole article will confirm why a picture is worth a thousand words.  More press coverage of the most clearly cataclysmically failed policy in our history!   Excerpts from the Article: June 17 marks 50 years since Richard M. Nixon declared drugs “America’s public enemy number one.” Perhaps no political decision has had a greater impact on Latin America’s recent past and present. Now journalists from the region are examining the...

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