Dover police chief Mailey breaking barriers

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I have met with Chief Mailey, and he’s a good man. He “gets it” concerning law enforcement, and when I called his attention to the Angel Program to help addicts [any addict can walk into the police station and get free drug treatment… no arrest, no questions asked] he was quick to embrace it and make it an active part of Dover PD policy, expanding the efforts of Chief Bernat, whom I initially met with to get them to...

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Jury awards $1.6 million to family of inmate who died in Monterey County Jail

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Again I ask you: Who do you think is paying BILLIONS of dollars – the cost of litigation, the settlements or jury awards –  for these entirely preventable cases? YOU, the taxpayers are! This is one of dozens of cases on my website where the cause of death was a prison’s failure to detect and/or treat an addict as she/he detoxified! Excerpts from the Article: A federal jury awarded the family of Mark Pajas Sr. $1.6 million...

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The Supreme Court Just Struck a Huge, Unanimous Blow Against Policing for Profit – Good Decison – kra

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This case is monumental in that it clobbers the outrageous Civil Forfeiture laws, which I have written so much about.  In 2014, police stole more than was stolen in ALL reported burglaries!  This case will change that situation, though there will be mountains of litigation to determine which seizures are appropriate. So much that I expect that the Supreme Court will lay doen a rule … something like “no more in value than the highest...

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Incarceration vs. education: America spends more on its prison system than it does on public schools – and California is the worst

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With all of the talk about ending mass incarceration, the system still remains a train wreck. AND THE MAIN REASONS ARE “TOUGH ON CRIME” POLITICIANS AND OUR WAR ON DRUGS.  The comparison with education spending shows how out of whack things have gotten. This article does a good job in explaining the facts and figures. By the way, education and incarceration are related: about 66 percent of state prison inmates haven’t graduated high...

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Inmate At Flagler Jail Complains Of High Fevers For Days and Is Pacified. He’s Now Brain Dead.

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These are mothers’ sons, others’ brothers and sisters … thousands – yes, thousands – every year, who DIE due to medical neglect in our prisons. There will be another law suit coming, and a jury award or settlement …. all of these entirely preventable suits cost YOU billions of dollars annually! Your tax dollars are paying the defense, the court, and sometimes the plaintiff! Like so many, this guy was an...

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Built with rehabilitation in mind, Texas state jails are now viewed by lawmakers as a “complete failure”

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True of virtually ALL of America’s prisons: they FAIL to rehabilitate, to help addicts, to keep us safer!  See articles here under “prison abuse” and read what the Nordic countries do. THAT works! Read the article to see how the “tough on crime” bullshit of the past 45 years totally screwed up the system. While we do not necessarily need more people on probation or parole...

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