Court rules in favor of woman seeking opioid meds in jail

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Many articles on this website feature articles about inmates who DIED in prison because of withdrawal, when their addiction was not detected or was deliberately ignored (they told prison staff, who did nothing) when they arrived. This article was sent to me by my friend, excellent attorney Stephen Hampton, Esq.  He will sue prisons over such cases. Stephen Hampton Grady and Hampton LLC 6 North Bradford Street Dover,...

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Pharmaceutical executive guilty of bribing doctors to push opioid – Great! – kra

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I have argued for years that THESE are people who should be prosecuted. More such executives should be prosecuted. How many of the 400,000+ did this man kill? How many lives did he destroy? Participating doctors too should go down. The wealthy should not get a free ride. Excerpts from the Article: A pharmaceutical company founder accused of paying doctors millions in bribes to prescribe a highly addictive fentanyl spray was convicted Thursday...

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Florida Deputy Falsifies Drug Field-Test Results, Freeing 11 From Jail – Steven O’Leary MUST be prosecuted! – kra

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More cases surely will be dropped, and this dirty cop MUST be prosecuted.     Excerpts from the Article: Steven O’Leary was a preacher before switching his career to law enforcement. The career-changing, job-hopping cop held jobs at two different departments. O’Leary might face criminal charges himself. The Whole Story...

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The number of people jailed in U.S. prisons is at a decade low. It’s still too high. Read my comments to understand WHY! – kra

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Of course it is way too high. For every 1 person arrested 29 people benefit financially. Prison guard unions, police unions, prosecutor unions, hundreds of contractors who feed on the broken system, and private prison corporations spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY TO LEGALLY BRIBE LAWMAKERS [LOBBYING AND CAMPAIGN GIFTS] TO FIGHT THE MANY CHANGES NEEDED!  This is the ugly truth, unmentioned in many articles like this one! I have written on all...

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Ex-cop sentenced in Balt. racketeering case – He got 9 years in Prison – Good!- kra

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Good, because the only thing worse than a dirty cop is a dirty prosecutor or judge!  Excerpts from the Article: A fired Philadelphia police officer who led a double life as a criminal was sentenced Friday to nine years in prison as part of a Baltimore racketeering case that exposed one of the worst U.S. police corruption scandals in recent memory. Eric Snell had pleaded guilty three days into his trial on charges that he conspired to sell drugs...

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A Blueprint for a Safer, Saner Society – longer sentences can actually threaten public safety! – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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This recent article by a widely respected expert in criminal justice surprises many by point out that longer prison sentences do not make us safer, they decrease our safety!  It explains some root causes and the reasons. The goal of criminal laws is public safety, but we need to change the plan. Excerpts from the Article” A prison inmate can’t commit a crime on the outside, so the longer the sentence, the safer we are, right? That is a...

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