Inmates in lawsuit against Cuyahoga County Jail speak of ‘inhumane’ conditions

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The same inhumane conditions exist in most of America’s prisons. READ the many related articles here under “prison abuse”!  Below are some of the most common problems, which occur all over the country because nobody holds prison officials ACCOUNTABLE!   He and 18 other men shared a single toilet for the first month, the suit says. When Martin did shower, the shower was riddled with insects and the curtain was covered in...

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My son’s life was almost ruined by Pa.’s debtors’ prison system – “Almost” = He is one of the lucky ones! – kra

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This article was sent to me by my good friend, William C. (Bill) Gierasch, now retired. Bill was in my study group in law school, and we became great friends; he went on to be among the very best attorneys in Pennsylvania until his recent retirement. The article highlights one of the significant obstacles to reentry, “killer” fees, costs, and “assessments”!  Written by an addict’s Mom, this article shows us the...

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South Africa poised for cannabis trade despite obstacles – It will be HUGE! – kra

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This will be huge, and once they see how successful it is, they no doubt will change the onerous licensing process. It has taken far too long to get here, but much of the world is moving in the right direction on Pot. For many African countries, cultivation will be a godsend. Excerpts from the Article: 2018 has been called the “year for cannabis” in South Africa. But there are still hurdles before a legal marijuana industry can...

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Here’s what the prison reform bill actually does — and doesn’t do

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The real benefit of this law is that it will call attention to SO MUCH MORE WHICH NEEDS TO BE DONE TO RESTORE JUSTICE TO THE SYSTEM! People still are getting hammered with unjust laws!   Excerpts from the Article: Prison reform advocates are hailing the Senate passage of the bipartisan First Step Act as a watershed moment for American criminal justice, which could positively impact the lives of thousands of federal prisoners. The sweeping...

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Delaware judge says fired medical marijuana user can pursue lawsuit

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A smart decision, and now a precedent. The most important ruling is that the federal criminalization of pot does not pre-empt the Delaware law. Excerpts from the Article: A Delaware judge has ruled that a medical marijuana user fired from his factory job after failing a drug test can pursue a lawsuit against his former employer. Jeremiah Chance was fired in 2016 from his job as a yard equipment operator at the Kraft Heinz plant in Dover. He...

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Jail Ordered to Give Inmate Methadone for Opioid Addiction in Far-Reaching Ruling

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This could be good news for jailed addicts, but the real answer is that many of them should not be in prison in the first place. They need treatment, not prison. Excerpts from the Article:   In a ruling that could have tremendous consequences for the country’s correctional system, a federal judge said this week that a Massachusetts man facing a jail sentence could not be denied access to treatment for his opioid addiction. Judge Denise J....

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