Study of 600,000 drug deaths since 1979 upends what we think about the opioid crisis – A Smooth Progression – kra

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I bet you did not realize this: opioid crisis is not something sudden or new; it is part of the smooth progression of crises caused by our failed “war on drugs”. READ: The Answer to the Drug Problem … or do you want to continue to waste about a hundred billion dollars a year, and get nowhere? Excerpts from the Article:   The opioid crisis gripping the U.S. today has captured everyone’s attention — from the president and...

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In HBO documentary ‘The Sentence,’ Rudy Valdez shows family fallout from mandatory prison sentencing – “I had the opportunity to tell the story you don’t see when people are incarcerated, the stories of the families and children left behind.”

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I am all too familiar with the injustices mentioned here. Here we see the idiocy and the futility of the tRump administration’s position on mandatory sentences. Although all studies show that such sentences do NOT reduce crime, cause widespread injustice, are now opposed by most judges, and are opposed by 87% of Americans, Jeff Sessions and Doofus Donald do not “get it”! We must get them OUT! Excerpts from the Article: Rudy...

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Another Essay on the Futile, Foolish “War on Drugs”: El Chapo – Kra

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El Chapo, Joaquín Guzmán. Everyone in law enforcement knows who he is. Once the biggest drug kingpin on the planet, he now sits in a federal supermax prison in the U S, awaiting trial on numerous charges. That is likely where he will die. I write this short essay to remind us of one of the most corrosive, costly, and cruel consequences of our “war on drugs”: wasted police resources. This guy, purchased with his billions of dollars...

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Lawsuit settlement will allow Maine prison inmate to get medication for opioid addiction – Updated 10/14/18

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You don’t want to get me started on the abominable state of health care in our prisons. See numerous articles under “prison abuse”.  Who PAYS for all of the avoidable litigation, the jury awards, and the settlements? YOU do! UPDATED 10/14/18 Look at these. UNDERSTAND this! Here are two more articles about prison abuse, just this week. How many more are unreported because the inmate did not sue, or because the inmate settled,...

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Meek Mill’s Story Highlights How Progressive Prosecutors Can Reform Probation & Parole

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“His experience is troubling because of how normal it is. Sixty thousand people land back in prison for minor parole violations every year. But his story also illustrates a way forward.” That quote leaves out probation. More than 300,000 people  land back in prison for minor probation violations every year! The prosecutor is the most powerful person in the system, and as such, could initiate major constructive reforms. D A Larry...

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I have watched our criminal justice system go to hell in the past 4o years. A hot topic these days is RAPE, with the Me Too movement and Brett Kavanaugh in the news  … and sex assault.  Did you know that fewer than 6 of 100 rapists are behind bars? I did. And I know why. One big reason why is the war on drugs. You don’t see the connection? Let me tell you this: since we ramped up the war on drugs in the ’70s, the percentage of...

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