Exclusive Investigation: The Power and Prejudice of DAs on Drugs – Prosecutors

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Another excellent article about our futile, absurd, war on drugs. Prosecutors are the most powerful people in the system. This extensive survey reveals that we have far too many knuckleheads working as prosecutors!  Read The Whole Story for vivid, named, examples! Excerpts from the Article: Public opinion is souring on the criminalization of drug use. But what prevents this from translating into practice? While politicians makes laws and police...

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In Alaska – Is SB91 working? A new report says it’s helping

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Needed changes slowly are coming. Have you read this yet?  I remember when the system worked well; justice nearly always was the result. Today it is a total train wreck – perhaps the most vivid manifestation is that we are imprisoning hundreds of innocent people every year. This is WHY it is a train wreck!  Excerpts from the Article: Mention Senate Bill 91, or SB91 in Alaska, and the conversation gets heated. It’s often blamed when people...

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Brooklyn, New York’s Top Prosecutor Opens Door for Expungement of Pot Convictions – Good News! kra

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Every prosecutor in America should follow his lead! For many, the expungements should be automatic if they have not been arrested for 2 years! Excerpts from the Article: Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez has announced that he will accept applications from thousands of individuals to erase their low-level marijuana convictions in a program unveiled in September 2018. He said his office has already ceased prosecuting people accused of...

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LEAP makes a difference in criminal justice reform!

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From my LEAP colleagues – I am a member of their Speakers Bureau  :   Dear Ken, Leading up to Election Day, LEAP speakers played a major role in criminal justice and drug policy reform efforts across the country, and yesterday, our hard work paid off! Keep law enforcement speaking out for reform Five key state campaigns successfully spoke out for more rational and effective policies with LEAP’s help: • Florida: Amendment 4 passed,...

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Florida: Federal Prison Guard Sentenced for Accepting Bribe

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Good. They need prison time every time! The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert E. Bodnar, Jr. God Bless him! READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates  For every crooked guard like this one, there are 1,000 who get away with it every day!   Excerpts from the Article: Fohittemore accepted his guilty plea for taking a bribe as a public official.rmer FCC Coleman guard Albert Larry Harris, Jr., 27, was...

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Family of 18-year-old who died in Lebanon County Prison awarded $4.75 million in settlement – YOUR tax money! – kra

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Four Points for Outrage in this short article: Her death was preventable, had the prison health care staff only done what they are required by law to do: provide reasonable care. This cost YOU at least $5 Million, maybe closer to $6 million. The way these cases work, YOU pay for all of the litigation, all the lawyers, the judge, etc…. CALL me and I’ll be glad to explain. $5 Million is a drop in the bucket of money wasted in cases...

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