How Stupid Can Lawmakers Get? Pot as Medicine – kra

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LinkedIn is not allowing me to post – I have tried several times with various links!- links about cannabis gummies, but google it. There are oodles of varieties and even instruction on how to make them. PAIN RELIEF FROM MOTHER NATURE. One more reminder of how stupid and fucked up most of our drug laws are. And please don’t give me that shit about it being a “gateway drug”; there is no evidence of that.    ...

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Man Serving 18 Years On Marijuana Charges Just Died In Federal Prison COVID-19 Outbreak Fidel Torres, 62, qualified for a sentencing reduction, but the same judge who sentenced him denied it based on infractions while in custody.

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I see that it was a judge in Texas on this case. I shall never, ever, ever forget that my first year out of law school – ’73 or ’74 –  I read a case where a judge in Texas had sentenced a man to 40 years in prison for possession of less than an ounce of pot, and on appeal the U S Supreme Court ruled that it was not “cruel and unusual punishment”! I was horrified. My good friend and great lawyer,  Steve...

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Chief Justice extends Judicial Emergency until June 13

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While the wheels of injustice never stop, the wheels of justice move ever more slowly. I do believe (based on filings during the past 3 months which have gotten NO response) that many judges are simply loafing.   ACTUAL WHEEL OF JUSTICE IN MOST OF AMERICA’S COURTS! THIS ONE WAS PHOTOGRAPHED IN A FAMILY COURT. Excerpts from the Article: In consultation with the other members of the Supreme Court on Thursday, Delaware Supreme Court...

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First Circuit: Home Search Affidavit Failed to Establish Nexus of Crime and Evidence

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Another super sloppy search warrant by police.  Thousands of criminals can thank cops for these each year. Excerpts from the Article: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit affirmed the suppression of evidence seized from a suspected drug dealer’s home as fruit of the poisonous tree. Jamal Roman was alleged in a search warrant application submitted by DEA Special Agent Scott Smith to be “a known cocaine trafficker” who “oversaw...

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Opioid Epidemic Keeps Climbing at California Prisons, and Claiming Lives of Released Prisoners as Well

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It still goes on! So where are all the drugs coming from?  Despite all the bullshit put out by prison officials, 95% of ALL contraband – including drugs – is brought in by the fucking guards! And let us not lose sight of the fact that addicts need treatment, NOT prison! Excerpts from the Article: With opioid overdoses claiming the lives of over 68,000 Americans annually, detention facilities have reported a corresponding rise in...

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Around the ValleyCampusCurrent AffairsShowcase Reforming an incarcerated America – Excellent Article – kra

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I have posted many articles showing that a great way – maybe the best way –  to reduce crime (reduce recidivism) and lower criminal justice costs is to EDUCATE inmates. I love this sentence: “It’s reminding them that they have a voice . . . no matter if they are being called a number or an inmate . . . that they’re people that can tell stories,”… it reminds me that my first Letter to the Editor upon release from prison in 2012...

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