Minnesota Counties Pay Out More Than $10 Million For Prison and Jail Settlements

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Just part of the BILLIONS of your tax dollars wasted each year nationally due to entirely preventable prison abuse!   Excerpts from the Article: “In the last 10 years, Minnesota counties have paid out more than $10 million in settlements and legal fees following lawsuits accusing jails of providing inadequate to non-existent health care to inmates,” KARE 11 reported in a major investigative report on October 29, 2020. One of the...

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Inmate at Downtown Spokane Jail dies while being transported to medical services

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I have seen hundreds – yes, hundreds – of articles about an inmate who died because jail intake officials did not do their job in screening the inmate for withdrawal symptoms; I bet that is what happened here.   The Whole Article: An inmate at the Downtown Spokane County Jail died while being transported to the jail’s medical services division on Monday afternoon. According to county spokesperson Jared Webley, the inmate...

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Editorial: Big spike in inmate deaths at MDC raises some serious red flags

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The never ending abuse of prisoners continues! Will we see officials arrested for the abuses mentioned here?   Excerpts from the Article: Without delving into medical histories, it would appear that the death of a 38-year-old woman booked in a littering case could – and probably should – have been prevented. Ditto a 35-year-old man arrested on a drunken driving charge and a 48-year-old man locked up on a misdemeanor domestic violence...

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Misinformation and the Carceral State

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This article reminds me that the amount of misinformation flying around inside the prison is mind boggling! But here we see how misinformation about crimes and criminals creeps into the public perception.   Excerpts from the Article: A cloud of sensationalism, misinformation, and outfight propaganda has always hovered around government pronouncements and media coverage concerning crime and criminal justice. President Richard Nixon launched...

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Immigration Cases Took 41% of Federal Caseload in 2020

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More insanity; precious resources wasted!  We need, should have, and in time will get: sensible immigration laws/policies, and an end to the War on Drugs! The madness continues with more than 96% of defendants pleading guilty. The good news is that more people are becoming interested in criminal justice, which is great, because the more they learn the more they will see what a train wreck the system has become!   Excerpts from the Article:...

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N.J. attorney general orders end to weed arrests, prosecutions now that state has legalized marijuana

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Certainly a smart and fair move!   Excerpts from the Article: New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on Tuesday announced he’s told law enforcement to end arrests for minor weed crimes and to drop pending cases immediately. That word was sent to law enforcement officials Monday night after Gov. Phil Murphy signed three marijuana reform laws. One of those decriminalizes possession of up to six ounces of marijuana.Grewal’s order falls in...

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