2018 Called ‘High Point’ in Restoring Rights to Individuals with Criminal Records – It’s a Start – kra

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While there has been progress, there is soooooooo much more to do! Why not automatically immediately restore voting rights to all convicted felons?! Although Florida voters approved this measure, politicians there still are fucking around with “regulations” to make voting difficult!  Why not automatically immediately grant a Pardon to and restore all rights to anyone convicted of possession of Pot in states where Pot now is legal?!...

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SENTENCING LAW AND POLICY – Reforms to Aid Reentry, Removing Barriers – kra

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This article was sent by my friend Margaret Hawkins, head of DARSOL. It is an excellent summary of some positive developments in our criminal justice system to date. Excerpts from the Article: January 10, 2019 “Reducing Barriers to Reintegration: Fair chance and expungement reforms in 2018” Cover-Fair-Chance-Reform-2018 The title of this post is the title of this notable new report from the Collateral Consequences Resource Center to...

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Overdoses Prompt Policy Change in Vermont Prisons

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What the head of prisons in Vermont does not say is what EVERYONE who knows the truth knows: most drugs in all prisons are brought in by prison staff! Their policy of amnesty for inmates willing to tell the truth would be great IF it actually led to prosecution of all wrongdoers, including staff! Excerpts from the Article: Two inmates overdosed over the weekend in the Northwest State Correctional Facility in Swanton, prompting corrections...

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tRrump’s Disgusting Speech about “the wall” on 1/8/19

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I slept through my alarm and missed Douche Bag’s speech, but here it is (I watched it because I love America). What I expected, but even worse. I did not count the lies, but there were many. The fact is, he’s just a damn racist bigot! That is what drives his comments on immigration, not any concern for your safety! With the work I do, I know “a boatload” about crime and criminals, and that may be his worst lie: (a) what...

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Updated 1/4/19 These are so effective that I remind you again. I am about to prepare a Press Release for the homeless shelter I work with, as they are in need of equipment and furnishings for their two new properties.  If your organization needs donations or help, tickle your calendar to send out a Press Release at least once every 5 or 6 months, to stay in the public’s eye! The BEST way to get the word out about issues is a Letter to the...

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I once wrote mandatory minimum laws. After ties to Abramoff landed me in prison, I know they must end

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There is still a long way to go in eliminating them, but today most judges realize that these laws were a mistake! Studies show that for children, having a parent in jail is more traumatizing than divorce! READ The first case in Delaware with a Mandatory Minimum Sentence. My Miracle Case. Ron Whitney Excerpts from the Article:   Three months into my federal prison sentence, my cellmate Santos saw that I was struggling. I couldn’t stop...

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