Free all non-violent criminals jailed on minor drug offences, say experts – End our Ludicrous “War on Drugs” – kra

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This article was sent to me by our friend, Lynn, who knows that I have been saying this for years! Excerpts from the Article: Non-violent offenders serving time for drug use or possession should be freed immediately and their convictions erased, according to research published in the peer-reviewed The American Journal of Bioethics. More than 60 international experts including bioethicists, psychologists and drug experts have joined forces to...

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Practical Tip – There Are Support Groups for Parents Who Have Lost Kids to Overdose, Shootings, Suicide … and for Others With Such Losses – kra

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Did you know that there are a vast number of support groups for victims of our dysfunctional justice system and of our crazy world? SOME ARE LOCAL, SOME ARE WORLDWIDE; SOME ARE PUBLIC, SOME ARE PRIVATE. Just google whatever you may need. i.e. “support groups for Moms of those killed by drug overdose” or “support groups and similar organizations for children of those killed by gunfire”.  Or “support groups for the...

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Cannabis Gets Green Light From Budget Panels, But Negotiations Continue

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New Jersey is about to join the sane states regarding marijuana! Alcohol did not create Al Capone; prohibition created Al Capone. Excerpts from the Article.   After a day of marathon testimony from the public on the cannabis implementation bill, budget panels for the Assembly and Senate released S-21/A-21 to advance to floor votes in each house.Overall, sponsors say it was a good day for the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement...

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Dysfunctional Justice System Inflicts Cruel, Unusual Sentences

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This is one of the most dramatic examples of how fucked up our criminal justice system really is.  Excerpts from the Article: At 26 years-old, Ross Ulbricht made history, when he did something that many called genius — he wrote code and created a website called Silk Road. It was the first modern online free market, where users could anonymously buy and sell goods and services, both legal and illegal. As a result of his genius, today marks the...

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Editorial Submission – Save Your Loved Ones! – 12/17/20 – Get Narcan – kra

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  Editorial Submission – Save Your Loved Ones! – 12/17/20 In the course of the work I do, I counsel many, many addicts. All too often I console someone who has lost a friend or family member to addiction. During the pandemic, the use of drugs has increased. Addiction has skyrocketed. Overdose deaths are increasing too. This is no surprise, because the main reason why most people turn to drugs and/or alcohol is to bury/evade/escape some...

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Federal: The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act – I did it; now YOU do it! :)

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We never would have made such progress towards sanity in our Pot laws without NORML! Excerpts from the Article: The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act (HR 3884 / S. 2227) is bipartisan legislation that removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, thus decriminalizing the substance at the federal level and enabling states to set their own policies. The Act would also make several other important changes. For...

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