The American Legal Industry -short essay by kra 3-31-20

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  This image pretty well sums it up. Did you know that for every 1 person arrested, 29 people make money?! It is no wonder that all manner of people/groups spend BILLIONS of dollars annually fighting needed changes to our wildly screwed up justice system. For them, it is merely job preservation. Never mind that most of them don’t actually help anyone, (neither individuals nor society) that the system is so fucked up that thousands...

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Arizona Prisoners Required to Pay Medical Expenses for Overdoses

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The fucking guards should pay, inasmuch as THEY bring in most of the drugs! If you don’t think so you have NO clue about what goes on in our prisons. I have seen it! Excerpts from the Article: On March 15, 2019, the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) implemented a change to its disciplinary procedures for prisoners. Policy No. 803 now mandates that prisoners requiring hospital treatment for substance abuse must repay the cost of...

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Essay on the Guilty Plea, by Ken Abraham: The ‘Voluntarily and Knowingly Made’ Standard – This is a HUGE Myth! – kra

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This is one of the greatest myths in the world of criminal justice: that one’s guilty plea is/was  ‘Voluntarily and Knowingly Made’ . About 95% to 98% of all cases end in a guilty plea. In 2018 alone, in the federal system there were 73,109 federal convictions with 71,550 of them being guilty pleas. And the federal system is only 15% of all cases! When one pleads guilty [READ Rush to Sentence  – A Major, Awful Consequence of our “War on...

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How an Unheralded Change to Criminal Procedure Law §150.20 Will Overhaul Arrest Procedures in New York – EVERY State should have such arrest and ticketing procedures! – kra

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This sensible policy will save taxpayers millions of dollars in prison and other costs; enacted nationwide, it could save tens of billions of dollars. As with so many needed reforms, it threatens the useless jobs of thousands of cops, prison guards, private contractors, and others … who spend countless millions of $$$$$$$$$ lobbying against needed reforms.  Excerpts from the Article: On Jan. 1, 2020, a highly publicized criminal justice...

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Study: Medical Cannabis Access Associated with Fewer Workers’ Comp Claims – Another good reason to legalize! – kra

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Read this and then open the Study to learn of lower absenteeism and other workplace benefits where Pot is legal! Excerpts from the Article: The enactment of state-specific medical cannabis access laws is associated with a decline in workers’ compensation claims, according to data published in the journal Health Economics. A team of researchers affiliated with Temple University in Pennsylvania and the University of Cincinnati in Ohio...

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This is FANTASTIC good news! Time to get serious about gun control! If you ARE a gun control activist, READ THIS ARTICLE … it will help you.   Excerpts from the Article: “The good news is that, as this series of reports has shown, urban gun violence is preventable. Just ask the residents of Oakland, California, long considered to be among the most dangerous cities in America—where shootings and homicides are down almost 50%...

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