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My city of Dover, DE, does this too. All cities should because … need I say it again?! “When we help the homeless we help our communities”! Please post and share this on Facebook, LinkedIn, MeWe, etc.  … perhaps some Mayors or other city officials will see it an ACT! 🙂 Attend the next public meeting at City Hall where YOU live, and get this going! 🙂    Excerpts from the Article: FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS, DENVER HAS...

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‘Harrowing’ Video Shows Brooklyn Inmates In Freezing Jail Cells Begging For Help – The Lawsuit filed on 2/4/19

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Our friend, Steve Hampton, Esq. sent me this article. You will see here that prison officials, so accustomed to lying like hell, deny both the cause and the effect of the power outage, even though the electric company  contradicts them and public officials have seen the effect! The actual lawsuit filed on 2/4/19 It is an outrage that so many lawsuits have to be filed concerning prison officials willfully violating the law. It costs YOU billions...

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Equal Rights Amendment now official, in the Delaware State Constitution

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Good news for Delaware! I foresee some litigation in the future regarding transgender people, with arguments interpreting this Amendment, but overall this solidifies equal rights for women … which they should have had long, long ago. Excerpts from the Artricle: The final vote in the Delaware State Senate for the Equal Rights Amendment cleared by a 16-5 vote top pass House Bill 1. The words “Equality of rights under the law shall not...

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tRrump’s Disgusting Speech about “the wall” on 1/8/19

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I slept through my alarm and missed Douche Bag’s speech, but here it is (I watched it because I love America). What I expected, but even worse. I did not count the lies, but there were many. The fact is, he’s just a damn racist bigot! That is what drives his comments on immigration, not any concern for your safety! With the work I do, I know “a boatload” about crime and criminals, and that may be his worst lie: (a) what...

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U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump’s call to arms

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This is just what we need! NOT! There are proper and adequate laws, policies, and protection devices and procedures already in place! This is more very dangerous BULLSHIT stirred p by tRump, who, by doing so, shows that he has no confidence in our courts or our laws … neither of which he understands. Excerpts from the Article: Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in President Trump’s warnings about...

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In HBO documentary ‘The Sentence,’ Rudy Valdez shows family fallout from mandatory prison sentencing – “I had the opportunity to tell the story you don’t see when people are incarcerated, the stories of the families and children left behind.”

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I am all too familiar with the injustices mentioned here. Here we see the idiocy and the futility of the tRump administration’s position on mandatory sentences. Although all studies show that such sentences do NOT reduce crime, cause widespread injustice, are now opposed by most judges, and are opposed by 87% of Americans, Jeff Sessions and Doofus Donald do not “get it”! We must get them OUT! Excerpts from the Article: Rudy...

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