U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump’s call to arms

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This is just what we need! NOT! There are proper and adequate laws, policies, and protection devices and procedures already in place! This is more very dangerous BULLSHIT stirred p by tRump, who, by doing so, shows that he has no confidence in our courts or our laws … neither of which he understands. Excerpts from the Article: Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in President Trump’s warnings about...

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In HBO documentary ‘The Sentence,’ Rudy Valdez shows family fallout from mandatory prison sentencing – “I had the opportunity to tell the story you don’t see when people are incarcerated, the stories of the families and children left behind.”

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I am all too familiar with the injustices mentioned here. Here we see the idiocy and the futility of the tRump administration’s position on mandatory sentences. Although all studies show that such sentences do NOT reduce crime, cause widespread injustice, are now opposed by most judges, and are opposed by 87% of Americans, Jeff Sessions and Doofus Donald do not “get it”! We must get them OUT! Excerpts from the Article: Rudy...

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Protesters blame riot at Norco prison on new state reintegration policy – An Idiotic Policy! – kra

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Anyone who knows what goes on in prisons knows this policy will needlessly cause inmate deaths! There are other, better ways to prepare inmates for reentry. Excerpts from the Article:   More than half a dozen people protested outside the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, two days after a riot that they claim was caused by a new state policy that went into effect there earlier this week. “His life is in danger,” said...

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Suspect in shooting of 7 officers bragged about gun skills

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Another consequence of our ignoring mental illness + too many guns = disaster!   And soooo wrong: READ Remember the Good Cops- Most Cops ARE the Good Cops! Excerpts from the Article:   The Vietnam veteran and disbarred lawyer accused of shooting seven law enforcement officers, killing one, bragged online about his marksmanship and love for the “smell of gunpowder” in the years before the deadly standoff, records and social...

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For Private Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big Business A surging inmate population in the 1980s led to a boom in for-profit prisons. Today, privately run prisons have become the government’s default detention centers for undocumented migrants.

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They are the most horrid, abusive prisons in America …. and that’s saying something! I am depicted here talking on this very point a couple of years ago. Through what I call “legal bribery”, they are a huge impediment to constructive changes in our criminal justice system. They only want more inmates. These companies spend tens of millions on campaign donations and lobbying efforts. Read this excellent article by our...

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