The World’s Most Dangerous Criminal – kra

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Wow! Incredible! Truly frighteningly clever and dangerous. Who is the World’s most dangerous criminal? Not some terrorist planning the next attack to kill thousands. Not the nut job planning to shoot up a school. No, the world’s most dangerous criminal is the leader of a mob of cyber wizards, none other than Vladimir Putin! You must see the “A marriage made in hell” segment of this 60 Minutes broadcast to get a taste of...

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The German prison program that inspired Connecticut A prison in Connecticut is taking cues from Germany, where inmates do yoga and have keys to their cells. 60 Minutes reported on it in 2016

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Thank God that the mainstream show, 60 Minutes, again featured this. Word will spread and perhaps more politicians and prison officials will come to their senses!   These kinds of programs have proved far superior in keeping us safe for years in European countries.  Our “lock them up … tough on crime” policies have failed for over 40 years. See related articles on this website. Excerpts from the Article: This week on 60...

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The Making of the Fox News White House Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?

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If you are concerned about the TRUTH, our right of free speech and the free press, you should read the entire article.  Because it is so extensive in its discussion of the issues, the finances involve, and the long relationship between tRump and Fox’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, I have had to edit it extensively. Anyone with a brain can see the awful bias in “Fox News”.  Operating with the disguise of being real news and an...

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Ex-warden Nate Cain pleads guilty mid-trial in federal corruption case, just as ex-wife was set to testify – Another Rotten Warden; America is Full of Them! kra

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As I have said so many times: I bet my life that a thorough audit of the wardens of America would result in indictments of at least half of them. They show complete disdain for the law, think they can do whatever they like because they so seldom are held accountable  …. the kickbacks and bribes from prison contractors are pouring into their pockets! Excerpts from the Article: Former Cottonport prison warden Nate Cain abruptly entered a...

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