How companies rip off poor employees and get away with it

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This is nothing short of outrageous!  WHERE are the officials responsible for prosecuting these criminals stealing from workers?! I shall write a Letter to the Editor about this when time permits.   Excerpts from the Article: Already battered by long shifts and high infection rates, essential workers struggling through the pandemic face another hazard of hard times: employers who steal their wages. When a recession hits, U.S. companies are...

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Maryland finalizes $577M settlement for HBCU federal lawsuit

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This case reminds us how deeply racism permeates the nation, and, how painfully slowly cases move through the courts. On the positive side, this country has provided more opportunities to more people than any in world history.   The Article: Maryland has finalized a $577 million settlement to end a 15-year federal lawsuit relating to underfunding at the state’s four historically Black colleges and universities, state officials announced...

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If We Want to End Mass Incarceration, We Need to Stop Unconstitutional Mandatory Arrest Policies

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Sent from our friend, Ed Bartlett, head of the Center for Prosecutor Integrity.   Excerpts from the Article: The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Higher than Russia, South Africa, or anywhere else. Mass incarceration hurts all of us: The persons who are arrested for minor or trivial offenses. The family members who lose, usually, a brother, a husband, or a father. The taxpayers who pay $50,000...

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Even When Marijuana Is Legal, Young People Are Locked Up for It

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It’s not helpful to lock them up, but advertising should be increased to warn that pot can damage brains under age 25.   Excerpts from the Article: As more states legalize recreational cannabis use, a large group is continuing to face marijuana-related criminalization: anyone under 21. Similar to alcohol laws, recreational adult-use cannabis laws permit anyone 21 and over to use cannabis recreationally. In practice, youth prohibition...

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George W. Bush: Immigration is a defining asset of the United States. Here’s how to restore confidence in our system.

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It is great to see Bush back involved with such a major issue … and on the right side of it! Remember all of tRump’s bullshit about immigrants? It started when tRump stepped off the elevator of his building to announce his candidacy: the lies, the racism, and total bullshit about immigrants! “They are sending us the worst, gangsters and criminals…”  What a load of nonsense! Immigrants MADE this land that I love, this country, and I...

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Shoot his PARENTS!

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When a 13 year old decides that he should carry a gun and/or join a gang, someone should SHOOT HIS FAILED, IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS! Just kidding, but you get the point. Chicago police say bodycam footage shows less than a second passes from when 13-year-old is seen holding a handgun and is shot by officer =

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