Letter to the Editor: No to death penalty reinstatement

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My friend Kristin Froehlich, the sister of a murdered brother, sent in this Letter PUBLISHED today, 6/10/19 in The Delaware State News. The Letter: On May 30, New Hampshire became the 21st state to abolish the death penalty. As the sister of a murdered brother, I agree with the murder victims’ family members in New Hampshire who testified that the death penalty fails to provide for the needs of victims’ family members, often immersing them in...

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Two toddlers in Delaware died from overdoses. Charges came in only 1 death.

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These inconsistencies undermine what little faith is left in our courts.  Personally, I do not think parents should be charged in these accidental infant/toddler deaths. Their addictions “hijacked their brains”* and the loss of the child is punishment enough. I have read many definitions of addiction, but  “the drugs hijack your brain” by a psycho forensic evaluator in the PD’s office is excellent.  Excerpt from...

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ACLU Vermont and Harvard Law School file class action suit on behalf of prisoners – Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Denial of Lifesaving Hepatitis C Treatment to Hundreds of Vermont Prisoners – kra

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Again, who do you think pays for all of this entirely preventable litigation? YOU do! Hep C is rampant in our prisons, and widely neglected, resulting in its spread not only within the walls, but when inmates are released, as 96% of them are!   Excerpts from the Article: Vermont Business Magazine After years of advocating for Vermont prisoners to have access to life-saving medication for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), the ACLU of Vermont and the...

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Court rules in favor of woman seeking opioid meds in jail

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Many articles on this website feature articles about inmates who DIED in prison because of withdrawal, when their addiction was not detected or was deliberately ignored (they told prison staff, who did nothing) when they arrived. This article was sent to me by my friend, excellent attorney Stephen Hampton, Esq.  He will sue prisons over such cases. Stephen Hampton sahampton@gradyhampton.com Grady and Hampton LLC 6 North Bradford Street Dover,...

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Israel: Private Use Of Cannabis No Longer Criminalized Thursday, 18 April 2019

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ISRAEL gets smart on Pot.   Jerusalem, Israel: Adults may possess or cultivate personal use amounts of cannabis in their homes, under new policies that took effect earlier this month. Under the amended law, which took effect on April 1, the private possession of cannabis is no longer classified as either a criminal or a civil violation. The possession or use of cannabis in public is punishable by a fine. In cases where an adult is in...

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Private prisons are unethical – The Understatement of the Decade! – kra

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Read related articles. Google “private prisons”. Second only to the “war on drugs” they are the worst thing to happen to our justice system! “They save money.”  Bullshit. READ Apples-to-Fish: Public and Private Prison Cost Comparisons – An Excellent and Thorough Analysis by Alex Friedmann     Excerpts from the Article: Prison is an unfortunate reality of civilization. As much as I adhere to a...

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