Report Shows How Private Equity Firms Profit from Mass Incarceration – You Gotta Read This! – kra

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What a monster we have created. 3,100 companies that profit from the criminal justice system!  READ this article to see the depth of the problem. And THE problem is that all of those profiting are opposing needed changes! See some of the many ways that privatization is destroying justice. See some of the preposterous lies from the profiteers! Virtually none of these fucking companies even existed when I was a prosecutor and defense attorney...

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Recording a Broadcast for NY

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I have been asked by James Litkett of NY [Revolutionary Activist Producer Extrodinaire at MNN] to do a podcast on some criminal justice issues for his NY audience in May, and I shall prepare an outline for that in the coming weeks. I have some ideas and he is requesting his audience on April 3d to submit issues of interest to them. I cannot take the time to travel to the big apple, so we’ll do SKYPE. Should be interesting. We’re...

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Alabama sheriff pocketed $750K in inmate food money as a result of unusual law – “Mr. Greed” strikes again! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Attorney Steve Hampton sent me this article, and it is yet another reminder that antiquated and poorly written laws provide excuses for this sort of outrageous conduct.    Excerpts from the Article:   An Alabama sheriff who is paid $93,000 a year was able to pocket more than $750,000 from excess money in an inmate food fund over a three-year period, thanks to a state law passed before World War II. ...

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Practical Tip – Keep a Copy, Keep a Copy, Keep a Copy!

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I just got a call from someone with a huge problem because they did not keep a copy of a document they filed in court. I must have told inmates 1,000s of times: “NEVER file anything in court without keeping a copy!” In Court, Board of Pardons, anything important! Yes, they really are that uninformed (most would say dumb)… many, many of them. “NEVER file anything in court without keeping a copy!” There is no...

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Trump Calls Immigrants “Snakes” at CPAC – Ironic – kra

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Pretty ironic, inasmuch as the real snake is Trump! The current whirlwind of ICE enforcing all immigration laws – at Trump’s command –  is causing widespread and devastating injustice here and abroad, destroying families and imprisoning hard-working people in horrid conditions for years before deportation. Their only “crime” was to come to America, like Alexander Hamilton, Malenia Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger,...

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Delaware governor wants lawmakers to ban assault-type rifles – Letter to the Editor -Rock That Boat -kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Yes, the kids are making waves, and they will rock the boat. The boat of  bureaucracy and bullshit politicians! Even lifelong politician, “afraid to rock the boat” Delaware governor John Carney now gets it! Too many though, like House Republican leader Short, are still “out to lunch”, in the grip of greed, feeding off “the NRA lobby and donation gravy train”.  The pressure is on,...

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