First Anniversary of the Parkland Shooting – Short Essay by Ken Abraham – 2/14/19

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Today is the first anniversary of the horrid Parkland shooting. It coincides with Valentine’s Day. For the love of our children, we need changes! 17 dead kids, 17 more people injured, BECAUSE of (1) America’s long-standing neglect of our mentally ill and (2) the Supreme Court did not understand the words “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” in the 2d Amendment … or they simply...

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Massachussetts is ass backwards on Jury Nullification! – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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Most states these days allow an attorney to discuss jury nullification with jurors, asking them to ignore the law and do what they think is right/fair/just. This is because so many laws are unfair! But apparently judges in Massachusetts are not much interested in justice; attorneys in that state cannot raise the subject! Excepts from the Article: “It’s not only his right, but his duty, in that case, to find the verdict according to his...

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My friend Steve is “a little peeved” – My constant condition – kra

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The following are emails from my friend, attorney Steve Hampton, to a reporter working on a story about another trial of several defendants charged with the murder of Mr. Floyd. When I asked Steve if it’s ok to post it, he said sure, and as to “How are you?” he replied: a “little peeved” … about this situation with all the prison abuse, and I said yes, that’s my constant condition. I have been raising...

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Updated 1/4/19 These are so effective that I remind you again. I am about to prepare a Press Release for the homeless shelter I work with, as they are in need of equipment and furnishings for their two new properties.  If your organization needs donations or help, tickle your calendar to send out a Press Release at least once every 5 or 6 months, to stay in the public’s eye! The BEST way to get the word out about issues is a Letter to the...

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Access to Documents Regarding Inmate Deaths is a Problem – Death Certificate and Autopsy Report

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Here is the newspaper article regarding this issue. I am disappointed that they did not print my proposed solution to the problem, but they did quote me correctly toward the end of the article. Let me remind you that I am the only “Advocate” mentioned who has actually seen the chaos inside our prisons!   READ Advocates question state’s autopsy reporting policy for prisoners  – Front page article in the Delaware State News of...

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Ex-CBS CEO Les Moonves will not receive $120 million in severance pay after sexual misconduct probe – Good! – kra

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This is good news; he is getting what he deserves: nothing. It also marks a departure from long time corporate complicity in this horrible conduct whereby the company involved has said: “Oh, we must give him his severance pay or he will sue us and it will cost a fortune to litigate”! And from their comments about the changes they are making it looks like CBS learned something! Excerpts from the Article: Former CBS CEO Les Moonves...

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