Prosecutors charge 3 more officers in George Floyd’s death – But – kra

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Finally, all four are charged, but we must follow up through sentencing  … no “slap on the wrist” for these bad cops. I predict that this will not end the protests, as the abuse has gone on far too long! There needs to be systematic change. Excerpts from the Article: Prosecutors charged three more police officers Wednesday in the death of George Floyd and filed a new, tougher charge against the officer at the center of the...

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California Prisons Cannot Hire Psychiatrists! $300,000 a year isn’t enough to persuade psychiatrists to work at California prisons

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Mental Health care in prisons is even worse than the general health care, which is atrocious! Now we see that CA cannot hire psychiatrists! Excerpts from the Article: A 24 percent pay bump offered three years ago failed to convince enough psychiatrists to go to work in California’s prisons, where inmate suicides reached record highs last year, according to prison and union officials. Lawmakers and unions agree the record 38 suicides recorded...

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR AAA misguided on marijuana – PUBLISHED! – kra

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Letter to the Editor – The AAA is Misguided on Marijuana! – 2/2/20  PUBLISHED at the top of page A5 of The Delaware State News of 2/15/20. Letter to the Editor: AAA misguided on marijuana   While Mr. Grant and AAA are well-intentioned, I respectfully suggest that their position on Marijuana legalization is the wrong one (See Commentary: AAA concerned about marijuana’s effect on driving ). First, they are mistaken to say...

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Pennsylvania police captain chosen as new Dover chief – We Wish Him Well – kra

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We have been blessed to have had several good police Chiefs in my hometown.  This fellow looks good too …. time will tell. I shall meet with him next month just to introduce myself and wish him well. Excerpts from the Article: Late Monday night, Dover city officials finalized the selection of Upper Darby (Pa.) Police Department Capt. Thomas A. Johnson Jr. as its next police chief. Mayor Robin R. Christiansen provided a presentation of...

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Hate Crimes on the Rise! And YES, we can thank tRump! kra

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READ about anti-jew hate crimes being up and then read How Donald Trump is stoking anti-Semitism while claiming to fight it!    Excerpts from the Article About Rise in Hate Crimes in NY: The New York Police Department is stepping up patrols in three Brooklyn neighborhoods after a surge of anti-Semitic crimes reported to the police in the last two weeks, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday. Police officers are scheduled to patrol the...

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Pennsylvania dioceses offer $84M to 564 clergy abuse victims

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We must never forget these most heinous crimes and the cover ups by “men of the cloth”.  “Men of the cloth”  … sheeeeit, many of them need a solid iron loincloth! This breaks down to about $148,000 per victim; hardly fair compensation for their torment!  Let us pray that all the priests involved are where they belong: behind bars! The Article: Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic dioceses have paid nearly $84 million to...

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