Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue – Super! – kra

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Get with it, every state without legal pot! Colorado has made A BILLION $$$$ from taxing pot! That is HUGE! 🙂     Excerpts from the Article: Colorado has now generated more than $1 billion in total state revenue from the legal marijuana industry, another milestone for the state that legalized cannabis in 2014. Colorado already has posted some big numbers: More than $6 billion in total sales of cannabis since the birth of the new industry —...

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My Little Statue Tells the Sad Tale! – kra

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Just read so many of the articles on my website, field just a few of the calls I get every week, to realize the sad truth of My Little Statue, below! Raise some hell about it. Here is How: READ Practical Tip – Get Empowered! How YOU Can Create a Powerful, Effective Force for Reform of our Criminal Justice System 

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Illinois Reinforces Prison Voting Rights, Expands Inmate Education

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Well, some good news for a change! I have long written about this, and now Illinois sees that stripping ex offenders of their right to vote is just plain wrong.  The changes they are making with this legislation make sense, are fair, and will result in fewer people returning to prison. Excerpts from the Article: A package of bills signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker is aimed at helping newly-released Illinois prisoners find their way back...

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Personal essay – The Importance of Faith – May 2015 kra

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I wrote many poems in prison, one nearly every morning when I awoke in that isolation cell  … to see if my brain was still working. Wrote a few Essays also. This is one, one from which we all could learn.  Some will, some won’t. Personal essay – The Importance of Faith – May 2015 kra Many of us say that we have faith, but when the chips are really down, the sky is most dark, and all seems hopeless, … I mean really hopeless …...

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Report Shows How Private Equity Firms Profit from Mass Incarceration – You Gotta Read This! – kra

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What a monster we have created. 3,100 companies that profit from the criminal justice system!  READ this article to see the depth of the problem. And THE problem is that all of those profiting are opposing needed changes! See some of the many ways that privatization is destroying justice. See some of the preposterous lies from the profiteers! Virtually none of these fucking companies even existed when I was a prosecutor and defense attorney...

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Recording a Broadcast for NY

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I have been asked by James Litkett of NY [Revolutionary Activist Producer Extrodinaire at MNN] to do a podcast on some criminal justice issues for his NY audience in May, and I shall prepare an outline for that in the coming weeks. I have some ideas and he is requesting his audience on April 3d to submit issues of interest to them. I cannot take the time to travel to the big apple, so we’ll do SKYPE. Should be interesting. We’re...

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