NY Times publisher asks Trump to reconsider anti-media rhetoric – DANGER! – KRA

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Ken’s Comments:   There is much wisdom in this article. No dictatorship has a free press. Russia routinely murders journalists. NOTHING  is more dangerous to America, our liberty, than the Doofus’ current attacks on the free press. He would shut it down if he could. I read a Letter to the Editor yesterday saying “give Trump time”. Time for what? Time to totally destroy this great nation? tRump is not going to...

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Give him or her a visit, a phone call, or a hug!

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I stay in touch with many people I counsel and have counseled over the past 6 years. Computer messages and texts are fine, but a BETTER reward/acknowledgement for the addict no longer using, for the homeless person who is back on track, for the emotional wreck who has “gotten it together” because they now realize that they can control their emotions … is the spoken voice and/or a hug!...

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Practical Tip – Candy? Yes, Candy! – kra reentry – With Letter to the Editor

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  I just sent this email to a friend. Find a candy distributor and do this where you live! They always have damaged boxes, or boxes where the date has expired {but the candy is perfectly good!), which they would otherwise throw away! Mary, Thanks for the candy for the homeless. I hope to stop by this morning – while I have a ride – to get whatever else you have. Chocolate is great but if you have other stuff too I will get it...

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Shiver me timbers! – Time for Pirates! Board the Ship of State – kra

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At least this time the Doofus has nominated a judge who knows what a jury trial is. Yes, not long ago he nominated  another Doofus who was incredibly unqualified, had never had a trial, and could not explain to the Senate what a Motion in Limine is! But the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh does not bode well for criminal justice reform, nor for anyone holding accountable a president who may commit crimes. Here is the article on his nomination....

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Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Why aren’t these “pushers” in prison?! – 6/17/18 kra

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Updated and sent out again, as I had not yet seen it in print: Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Who gave them a “get out of jail free” card? – 7/12/18 kra Did you see the recent broadcast about the DEA whistle blowers trying to hold major drug distributors accountable?! (major corporations; the three largest of which are distributors Cardinal Health, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen, which control probably 85 or 90 percent of the drugs...

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Support the ACLU – They fight for YOU! kra

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When I was learning the basics in law school – ’71 to ’73, never thinking I would become a “whiz bang” trial lawyer and then a fighter for underdogs, I joined the ACLU. At the time, many thought the ACLU was “a bunch of left wing nuts”. But the ACLU really has nothing to do with politics. They are a well organized, well funded, well lead group of attorneys and others who safeguard YOUR rights every...

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